Half- Birthday Greetings!

Howdy litebeings and welcome to all my new followers! Today is my half-birthday and that makes me 56 1/2 years old in Earth time. More like 17 inside and 90 outside ( and sometimes the reverse is true). In my case, the sun also squares my Ascendant! It makes life a bit intense at times.  Anyway, I have been somewhat absent from WP and want to say hello and update you a little on the past few weeks.

I am still waiting for my car to be returned to me and I am glad that it will be finished after Mercury and Venus stationed direct. I have Venus ruling my 3rd house and this episode seems to be linked with Venus and Mercury moving backwards through my 2nd house of possessions. Uranus is still transiting my 2nd house also and this may have triggered the accident.

Internally I have been feeling alternately fearful, overwhelmed, and hopeful. Sometimes these emotions appear together. I have been getting interesting guidance lately. Most of the time it appears subtly, but this week the messages were very obvious. I have plenty to ponder.

Future posts:

1 Dreams and synchronicity 

2  Book review on the Quaker Spiritual Path

3  Film review on a movie about Synchronicity

4 Emerging intuitive process

While I strive to be organized and efficient ( Virgo north node), I allow myself to veer off when necessary. I will be back soon to finish responding to all your wonderful comments.

namaste, litebeing

21 thoughts on “Half- Birthday Greetings!

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  3. Happy half-birthday! :o)
    Beautiful writing – it’s wonderful to see you so in touch with your needs, feelings and I only wish everyone was.
    I’m looking forward to your future posts on synchronicity and the intuitive process. I quite like it here. 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Hi Sageleaf,
      Thank you for such a wonderful comment. Glad to know you like it here and I welcome more comments from you. I like my blog to be as interactive as possible. Enjoy your week as well.
      peace, litebeing


  4. Happy Half Birthday to you Linda.. 🙂 Loved the Orchids.. and so pleased you will get your wheels back soon.. So happy you have been getting clearer guidance lately too.. And can see by your well organised future posts we are in for some interesting reading..
    Have a super week.. ( If I go quite I am away next week Linda.. ) But you know anyways I am often late in arrival but always get here in the end.. xxx ❤ xxx Hugs my friend xxx

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    1. Thank you Sue. I have tons of orchid photos that I have to upload. Glad you are enjoying them. Have a great vacation and I look forward to posting more substantial material soon.

      love and hugs, Linda


  5. Happy half birthday Linda! You are now the age that I was when I met Tomas. For whatever that’s worth — maybe to encourage you that a whole new chapter can –and often does — occur later in life. And why did I think you were an Aquarius? Shows you how much attention I’ve REALLY been paying. Happy to hear your car is coming home in good repair.
    I am currently in a weekend dance workshop — contact improv — discovering what my older body can joyfully express through movement and stillness NOW! I haven’t danced for over 12 years, nor even stretched much. Yesterday, I discovered that I can still dance as well as I could 20 years ago — I just can’t keep it up for several hours — lol! It’s thrilling, though, to feel that sensation of flight in a body that usually prefers to feel rooted on solid ground. Blessings for this day and the years to follow, Alia

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    1. Thank you Alia for the warm wishes and sharing your story about meeting Tomas and dancing again. There are times I feel like so much of life is behind me, not ahead, so your comment inspires hope in what is still possible.

      BTW I am Aquarius rising, but I have a Scorpio Sun. 🙂

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  6. Thanks for sharing this. Good to hear that you will ger your car back soon.
    I can relate to the part of all sorts of emotions coming up. This continues to surprise me about this spiritual journey how strong and mixed the emotions can become.
    I am looking forward to your future posts. Sounds very interesting!

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    1. You are welcome Karin. I got the car back and it is all bittersweet. Lots of lessons learned, the hard way..
      I am excited to do more writing and welcome your interest and validation.

      hugs, Linda

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