Another Synch Hits the Spot

This morning I received a cool synch about divine mission/purpose and it truly surprised me. Not the part about receiving synchronicities, but that it was on this topic. After I wrote my piece for my blogging challenge and hit publish, my mind and heart attended to other matters. So while “lightly” viewing CBS Sunday Morning, my heart melted a bit while learning about Jackie Speier’s time at Jonestown 40 years ago. Please watch this riveting account of tragedy and renewal here.

I am using this space to also share some pictures of fall foliage in my neighborhood. While more than fashionably late to the party, the seasonal colors are gloriously dazzling.

While you’re in the mood, take a peek at Dayna’s awesome entry here.

11 thoughts on “Another Synch Hits the Spot

  1. Beautiful photos! Fall has long been my favorite season. The crispness in the air, an end to the oppressive heat (only in Hawaii did I enjoy the warmth year-round – the constant breezes made having perpetual summer quite lovely), and the smell of winter on the way. It always seems to be the time of new beginnings for me, much more than the start of the year on January 1. October has long been my favorite cleanse month, and more often than not, I start exercise plans in the fall.

    This year we’re in the middle of a major move (out of a rental and into home ownership). I like local moves … it’s fun to take the house piecemeal from one place to another, leaving the big stuff for the movers. Tomorrow I am painting my bedroom. Looking forward to creating a haven for myself and watching my daughter bring her own personal and intuitive style to the rest of the home. There have been more synchs than I can count here lately. Love it.

    Peace and light to you, Linda, as the darkness descends.

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