Revisiting the “Insights”

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Winging with Whitehawk

The Celestine Prophecy

I remember when The Celestine Prophecy “hit” and became a surprise phenom as a self-published book by James Redfield in 1993 (!). By 1997 it was a bona fide global movement, feeding a previously undetected hunger in awakening seekers.

When I read it, though, I just couldn’t push through it, so in need of a proper edit I found it to be. The Insights were good; it was the uneven storytelling that derailed me.

But when the Experiential Guides came out (kudos to Carol Adrienne, the worthy driver of those volumes), I found the spiritual “pay dirt” re: the insights.

Seems the vast majority of Celestine Prophecy readers liked dipping their toes in the rising tide of new age waters via a goes-down-easy parable. For whatever reason, I’m more of a nonfiction, nuts & bolts, show me the steps, deep-dive aficionado. This just happens to be where the juice…

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7 thoughts on “Revisiting the “Insights”

  1. Thanks for the share Linda.. I have the book and read it, understanding the insights then got the Guide book .. Carole Adrienne, another worthy author. I think that must have been when I was exploring via our circle.. And we all more or less got a copy and it was when I guess many then were speaking of Synchronicity and understanding that the power of thought led you along the trail..
    Hope you have a good weekend.. ❤

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    1. I think many benefited from Redfield’s work. At that time, I thought the material was unusual and captivating. I would have preferred if it was non-fiction, as Whitehawk had commented, but sometimes fantasy is easier for the masses to swallow. I am not familiar with the guide book, but I am hearing about it now. Glad it made a positive impact on you!

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      1. ❤ it did, and it first pointed the way to ascension of lifting vibration out of this field to enter a higher vibrating one. Did you ever see the film made about it? I thought that fell short of the mark after reading the book..

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