Taste a Sample

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I am inviting all my readers and new followers ( hi!) to check out all the awesome offerings in the November challenge Divine Mission-Possible. Visit here to find the schedule where all current links are located. There is even someone new  posting early next month ; a pleasant surprise by a new reader David.

I have found the blogs about mission/purpose/incarnation to be unique, moving, and thought-provoking.  Reading them have left me so much richer both in knowledge and compassion. Later on I will share more of my impressions on how this group of divine souls has impacted me personally.  I know you will enjoy them too. Most writers love likes and comments as acknowledgment of their efforts so please say hello after you partake of a sample! Thanks to all who have made this challenge a wonderfully soulful project.

If anyone still wants to contribute, I am opening the challenge for the remainder of 2018. In the meantime, be on the lookout for new material from me soon. Thank again to everyone!


love, litebeing

3 thoughts on “Taste a Sample

  1. Thank YOU Linda for the invitation my friend and I think I more or less got around most of them before my Post.. I may need to catch some that came after.. I saw Tom’s and David’s after mine.. and will revisit to have a look at those I missed this next week when more time..
    Hope alls well with you Linda..
    Love and Hugs my friend ❤

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    1. Hi Sue, Your enthusiasm about this challenge, including creating the badge for it, made a huge difference. Thanks again! It is so great that you take the time to comment on most of the challenge blogs too! you really make people feel seen. ❤
      love to you! ❤

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