Art is My Medicine ~ COVID – 19 Edition

art by Nicholas Roerich public domain

Yes, it is time for another art post. While I still figure out how to compose my next contemplative piece, I am continually led ( and fed) by sharing something here with this wonderful community.

So much has changed for me in the past month:

I became ill with GI issues the week of March 10th and stayed home from work through March 13th.

That weekend my manager drove to my home to give me a laptop and some office items to launch telehealth and remote working beginning on March 16th.

That week I began practicing individual and group therapy to my clients via telehealth, many of which had just returned home from rehab.

On March 21st I relapsed from my GI illness.

On April 2nd I was laid off from my job, due to the company’s financial losses, exacerbated by the COVID -19 pandemic. 

On April 3rd I lost my health insurance coverage.

I am now picking up the pieces while still practicing social distancing, applying for benefits and grappling with the emotions I feel about the abruptness in which my relationships with my clients have been severed. I am not allowed to speak with them and my former employer has not reached out to some of them ( or perhaps any of them ) yet. A few have left voicemails for me, asking about sessions and wondering why I am not calling them.

So I do the best I can, as we all do. Wikiart never disappoints. Today I stumbled upon the work of Nicholas Roerich. His use of color and form is restorative to my spirit. Enjoy!


Here are a few links to some art and culture online for your exploration:

images courtesy of, public domain

17 thoughts on “Art is My Medicine ~ COVID – 19 Edition

  1. Beautiful post, Linda. I was not familiar with Nicholar Roerich–those pieces are amazing! I’m sorry about the abrupt changes you’ve exerienced of late. My heart goes out to both you and your patients. We are navigating fragile times, and hopefully discovering our resiliency, too…


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    1. Thanks for stopping over Michael. Showcasing art brings me joy and I keep discovering new artists all the time. I appreciate your kind thoughts. Last few days have been quite rough, but “this too will pass. ”

      blessings, Linda

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  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. Good that you find some solace in art. I am sorry to hear about the situation with the loss of work and health insurance. It is sad that you lost the connection to the clients so abruptly and are not allowed to talk to them. I wish you all the best for your health.

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  3. Thanks for introducing me to this artist! Very beautiful artwork. I’m feeling your pain about the situation with your patients. I had a similar feeling about mine, fortunately my situation wasn’t set up where mine might wonder about me. I have friends in recovery and this is a tough time for anyone newly recovering, especially right out of rehab!

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    1. Ka,
      Yes this is a dreadful time for those in recovery and I worry about my patients being dropped and not having enough supports. I have to let go as I have little choice. I am grateful I can blog and read and think and feel ( sometimes a bit too much ) and be.

      hugs, Linda

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    1. Dear Linda and Monica,

      Hi Linda! Thank you for sharing the paintings of Nicholas Roerich from the public domain of They are quite uplifting, and the artist seems to like to use the blue colour a lot.

      I would like to wish both of you a belated Happy Easter with my take on the festival at

      May you have a lovely May! I hope that both of you had a good and memorable time during Mother’s Day.

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