Another Fall in Philadelphia ~ The Sequel

I was hankering to provide more recent fall foliage photos and Monday’s trip home from the Barnes supplied my muse. The first shot below is ironically of the Phila Museum of Art. Not sure why but I did not take one of the Barnes. I have driven this route so many times when I worked downtown in Center City Philadelphia but this trip was quite special to me. I will let the photos do the talking….

The pictures below were taken later in the week with the final shot a rare glimpse of the moon. Happy Friday to all!

8 thoughts on “Another Fall in Philadelphia ~ The Sequel

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  2. Lovely post, Linda! I have been missing the East Coast *very* much these days. Oh goodness. Those images fill me up to my roots! I’m curious about your Barnes Matisse? class. How is the Reiki I going? This images are nourishing. I can feel your inspiration. Also, I do hope you are feeling better by now or soon with your recent bout of symptoms. I am sending my love your way, dear.

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    1. Hi Ka,
      I am still processing my Barnes Class and Reiki skills, More discernment needed here at this time. Photography fills me up and I am so pleased you are enjoying the images. Health slowly improving. love back to you dear friend ❤

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