Giving Tuesday ~ Donate Some Lite

Hello dear bloggers, writers, and followers:

Please consider donating today to Litebeing Chronicles for Giving Tuesday. You can easily donate via the Donate Button on my home page. For close to 8 years I have been blogging about my spiritual journey, incorporating my love of art, nature, music and photography into the mix. I also have given away numerous astrology and intuitive readings to many over the years. Many long timers also know I have been very active in the WordPress community, bringing others together through inspiration, blogging challenges and general kindness and support.

Not everyone may be aware that I am unemployed due to Covid triggered layoffs. My benefits will be ending very soon. While I do not relish asking for help, it is truly needed at this time. Thanks for reading my posts, reblogging, commenting, and accompanying me on my journey. It is such a joy to write and share with all of you.

Much love, Litebeing

3 thoughts on “Giving Tuesday ~ Donate Some Lite

  1. Dear Linda I am sorry to hear you are in this position my friend…. While I am not in position to gift aid you money…
    I can whole hearted ask and pray for you to be gifted in health.. And ask your higher guides to draw close to bring upliftment, comfort and vision in guiding you along your pathway to the next juncture in your future. Which will bring enlightenment and Joy.. Happiness and Peace..
    Sending lots of love dear Linda..
    Sue ❤

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    1. Your support Sue is precious to me. My plea was for those who can afford to make a donation. Not everyone has the resources and I understand. I am getting more comfortable with asking as one’s life circumstances often change. I give when I can with money or time or services.
      Receiving and giving are connected. ❤

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      1. Totally understand that.. The Universe showed me that same lesson only yesterday..
        All through Spring and Summer we shared our vegetables and flowers from our allotment plot with some of our neighbours…
        Yesterday a neighbour spotted my husband and shouted him over… He had hand made us a bird feeding table… As he is a joiner.. He was laid off during the lockdown, and said he had wanted to repay us for our kindness of giving him veg and salads, tomatoes and cucumbers etc.. What JOY it brought.. So yes its a two way thing… To Give is to Receive…
        Lots of love dear Linda… Sending HUGE amounts of LOVE…. ❤ ❤ ❤

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