So Much Aquarius , So Little Peace

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There are six bodies in the sign of Aquarius today with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn plus the two lights ( Sun and Moon) situated in Water Bearer territory. Today’s New moon is a rare event in a surreal time in our history. We have not had a stellium like this since February 4th through 5th 1962, with 7 bodies plus the South Node. That is a lot of Saturnian/Uranian energy! While there has been much discussion on the exact timing of the astrological Age of Aquarius, I expect the debate will continue for a good while. I do feel intuitively we are in the thick of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius but I cannot explain this with facts so I will let others make their cases known.

For me this has been a time of frenzied anxiety, both free floating and situational . I did not have the usual positive “bump” when the Sun hit my ascendant, which was somewhat disappointing but not surprising. I have been juggling career and relationship matters lately and many surprises have emerged. Then there’s the tech issues I am having with both laptops. I know I need to buy a new one but have been waiting for the best time. I have been perpetually worried about everything and nothing. However, this is not a pity me post. I consider myself an alchemist and relish making lemonade out of lemons.

It is helpful to know where this stellium lands in your natal chart to understand how this erratic, electric and sometimes frustrating energy may effect you. I have my 12th and 1st house impacted and this is reflected in odd dreams, health weirdness, and projections and concerns about self and other(s). There is a mix of confusion, elation, and dizziness. I feel like I am riding a cosmic roller-coaster. Often strong 12th house activation can lead to mental and emotional turmoil. Inner peace has been fleeting for me lately but I have not stopped working on myself.  So of course I choose to get my Reiki 2 certification! My attunement went well and I love my teacher. I am in awe of the magic that resides in my physical and astral bodies and how we are all imbued with lite.

If you have several fixed planetary placements in your chart, look to find  the fixed sign or signs that are not involved in any aspects and/or associated with a planet or angle. ( or consider an astro consult if so desired ). For example, I have major placements in Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio but nothing in Taurus. So I look to Taurus and her ruler Venus for support ( Art is My Medicine, lol!). I also continue my radical gratitude practice to ground me and help me focus better. Yesterday I asked myself repeatedly ” What is working? ” to help me shift my attention and attitude. I am also doing the same today.

I will leave you with a video from the film Hair. I loved this film as it was part of the soundtrack to my childhood. I want to have faith that the New Age is coming, that Ascension is imminent and that all this effort is worth it. I am grateful my laptop allowed me to complete this post without freezing and I am grateful to be able to be here with you. I wish all of us more love, more peace, and plenty of opportunities to be love and peace.

Namaste and Happy Year of the Ox!

8 thoughts on “So Much Aquarius , So Little Peace

  1. Thanks Ka for such a rich share about your experience. Said so poetically 🙂
    Even those with shared Ascendant signs have unique journeys. My dream recall has been erratic the last few months. Some nights I prefer the “crickets” as I get more time to refuel. Enjoy the peace ❤ Linda


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  3. Nothing I say could be truly representative for this time period for me. It’s a fast moving one for me with many ups and downs but overall ups and ups—which I only notice on the better days. I’ve sort of been uninterested in astrology lately in terms of thinking about it with astro language, but I am experiencing it uniquely rather than collectively as much. I rarely remember my dreams and that’s the same even with my 12/1st houses activated, too. I have deep peace growing in me that is not of this world. It’s tender and delicate but also stabile and real. So there you go! 😉 my inner mansion (12th) house is growing for sure!!! But sometimes I feel so far from being able to communicate it, like I am definitely in a unique chrysalis (while totally connected to all) and the sound is buffered, and when I am ready to come out, that’s when I will actually be seen in my true colors.

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