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I don’t do major predictions as a rule because it is often a fool’s errand so I won’t start now. But I will share some evening reflections that seem to be oozing out of my consciousness. I have been thinking about Pluto’s move for many years, as most astrologers do. I hoped for Utopia. I yearned for the Age of Aquarius. I am not so sure if I will see either during the remainder of my time here.

Tonight I feel something new afoot. That is why I spontaneously decided to write something now. I sense a clearing in the dark. After my workday ended I took a shower. I had a very busy day and the shower cleaned off psychic debris. I felt a shift internally, some release. There is a calmness within that has eluded me. It may be fleeting, but I’ll take it.

A few days ago I decided to remove my dying plants and leave room for new beginnings as we usher in Spring and the Aries New Moon. I surprised myself by getting a Purple potted Hydrangea. Purple is my fav color and Hydrangea, the plant of transformation, is my Blog Gravatar. It is so on point for the imminent entrance of Pluto into the sign Aquarius. Both Pluto and Aquarius are very familiar to me personally as I am incredibly Plutonian with an Aquarian Ascendant.  I came up with the blog title hastily but it works. We are witnessing a paradigm shift cloaked in mystery. It is already in progress, Tomorrow will just make it official for the 3D crowd!

Pluto entered Capricorn in January of 2008. I spent some time today reflecting on 2008. It was not as significant as 2006, 2007, or 2009 for me, but I did experience a changing of the guard. In April of 2008 I chose to put down my beloved cat Jasmine. I do not have any digital photos to share but picture a green eyed calico with attitude! She was my first cat and lived to be 16. I had an unusual synch about her today of all days. I was talking with someone who had taken her cat to the vet because of weight loss. She just learned the cat has kidney failure and will be putting her down. Jasmine experienced the same plight. A few months later in November 2008 I adopted Dexter.  Many of you know about my beloved Dexter as I have shared about him often.   Dexter and Jasmine were polar opposites but brought out my inner Ceres mojo!

With death, comes life ~ figuratively and often literally. Pluto shifts are so rare because this currently classified dwarf planet moves soooooo  slowly. Back in 2008 I could hardly imagine 2023. You know how that goes, right?

I will not rehash the usual astrological material we see on other platforms. Most of my peers who do this full time do it incredibly well. What I will say is that everyone of us has some inkling of what lies ahead. This is because we all access the quantum. It is in our DNA.

When I reread a post I wrote in January 2020, this line stood out to me: We will all experience the next hours and days to come within the reality we have created, both in isolation while also communally as the fellow Gaia visitors we all are.

Little did I know how true these words were. We all lived hours, days, and months in isolation, didn’t we? We also connected communally via the internet with Zoom , Facetime, and social media. My point is that we all are psychic. I did not understand what I wrote while I wrote it. But that does not diminish its accuracy. I don’t even hide my boldness anymore when I read people in my work. I am certainly imperfect, but my ability to get a feel of people was gifted to me, just like many of you who are reading this now.

My heart still longs for Utopia, but  we probably will be experiencing more of the same for a bit longer. I think we are on the road to a re-evolution, but the road is mysterious, winding, and bumpy. The rise of AI and resurgence of space and UFOs is already in play, So is the conversation about huge income disparity and the future of democracy, autocracy, and other societal constructs.

It will be fun to look back when Pluto enters Pisces in 2043 if I am still here.   I could be so stay tuned!

8 comments on “Pluto in Aquarius ~ Paradigm Shift Cloaked in Mystery

  1. Dayna says:

    I’ve been feeling it, too. Endings especially but also the void ahead. The unknown. Thanks as always for your insight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      I think the void is at lease partially due to Pluto in the 12th house for we Aquarius rising folks. It can be very unsettling. I can attest personally.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda, thank you for sharing your evening reflections on Pluto’s move and the paradigm shift it brings.

    Your blog is so pretty, and I love the hydrangea photos. Your personal experience of changing guard and the shift within you is a beautiful reflection of the changes that may come that I appreciated.

    Do you have any thoughts on how this paradigm shift may affect daily life and social constructs beyond the rise of AI and discourse about income inequality? Thanks for sharing!

    Kiddo Elliott


  3. ptero9 says:

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better, Linda.
    I love the idea that we’re, sometimes at least…and even if unknowingly, writing to our future self. Perhaps time is not entirely linear after all?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks Debra,
      I have gone over a few posts near the beginning of 2020 and the Pluto Saturn conjunction and noticed that I was getting so much messaging but was not able to use it predictively for the most part. I cannot prove it but time is not linear. I find it confusing but plausible.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Always enjoy reading your musings linda… I feel for far too long Humanity have focused out there and have learned to expect great drama and explosions that reset our individual and collective path… when really it’s always been about our feeling, our actions and change within that determines our path. Of course planet positions can influence us if we wish to use the tools they offer to change our direction. Now we are gaining more wisdom through our experience and giving more within we can begin to feel the subtle energy fluxes that we as consciousness are bringing in after being clear of our desires to live a happy and harmonious life! If anything Pluto is helping each of us now, to allow the Divine part of us to naturally come on line and reconstruct our body/mind for us to comfortably live our spiritual embodiment if we do choose! slowly, slowly, no rush… just time to enjoy and stay focused on the joy rather than the old 3D world of worry which is obvious has had its day! Such an exciting time to witness it all now! Much love x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. litebeing says:

      Happy to hear from you Barbara and clearly you seem hopeful about our future. I see that the outer mirrors the inner so all experiences “matter. “

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve always known it was important to be hopeful, to imagine the best and celebrate life as best one can… because it does make a difference… bringing hope into a hopeless world, and making sure we don’t completely destroy ourselves❤️💃🕺🌈

        Liked by 1 person

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