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I am feeling led to share my raw emotions here today. Life has been more rough than usual and I am losing my footing.   Sometimes people who know the tools may find they don’t always help. Life is requiring that I take care of many annoying , time – sucking tasks in a very short amount of time. These tasks are those required to stay here, to survive. I have no motivation to do anything. I feel quite overwhelmed and have for some time.

My existence of late has been devoid of joy. I do feel purpose in my work but otherwise it is virtually meaningless.  The image that comes to mind is raising my hand to get help while drowning. There are hands out there, but I cannot reach any of them. There is simply a lack of connection. My recent 12 house journey has left me very isolated. The childhood games Farmer in the Dell and Old Maid come to mind. I hated when I drew the Old Maid Card. Worse yet, was the cheese because the cheese stands alone. Lately I feel like the perpetual cheese.

Lorie Ladd recently posted that these times will really stretch many of us and that this stretching is meant to be unpleasant. She says that our Higher Self is asking us to grow and continues to place us where we need to be to evolve. Maybe that is true, but I sure need some support. The darkness is beginning to engulf me.

What pains me greatly is the lack of response I get lately at WP. Once my blog was a buzz of activity and that seems to have faded. I posted about my blog challenge and no one commented.  No one. Nada. Crickets.

While I did not have concrete expectations, my challenges  have been well received. I don’t think my writing has gone down in quality. I really don’t know why I feel disconnected here as well. This tribe is so precious to me.   If you are reading this, let me know.  Please.

9 comments on “Is Anyone Listening?

  1. I am so sorry to hear how you are feeling/doing lately. I tend to fall off the radar between Jan. to Mar. due to working in Finance for a major health system and it is go, go, go with month end, year end, audit, et. al. I will not bore you to tears on my work life. I have not had the time to blog on my own site in some time and truly miss it. I am trying to find that balance and sometimes I do really great and other times I fail miserably. I have been thinking lately that maybe a good majority of us just need a reset to recharge and reenergize. I have visions of checking into a hotel room and just sleep, binge on some tv, order some room service, etc. (((((((((loveandhugs))))))

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  2. Feeling isolated is the worst! I hope you feel that connection; we are all here! I’ve been so busy these days with patients/clients/parenting and continuing education, spiritual expansion and deep dives into a number of places/spaces. Spending time with my family visiting right now, but wanted to pop in real quick to say hello to you, Linda. My hope is that your experience of isolation is a short season and is not here to stay. In my own life I also experience periods of isolation. I also like to feel really connected while I have my own free space to dwell in… 💗 close connections help build the heart up with resilience, feeling supported by life. May your joy return in even the simplest of pleasures—which I know are often so accessible to you at times.
    Sending love your way! We can wait it out if we have to, the connected-feeling and life purpose ever-returning. I don’t want gloss over feelings but want to reflect on the brevity of states of consciousness..
    Sending you love

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  3. ptero9 says:

    I’m grateful for our connection here, Linda. You were one of the first people to read and respond to my blog…all those years ago! I’ve never forgotten that, nor our conversations over the years.
    I haven’t posted anything since December 2020! Perhaps I’m incubating after so many changes…

    Although I’m currently feeling a bit more inspired and settled, I know the darkness…

    Please know that you are loved and appreciated! … and thanks for reaching out here.

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  4. Val Boyko says:

    Hey … letting go of expectations and attachment to how others should respond is a good thing. I am feeling the same right now. Perhaps it is the equinox on Monday combined with the new moon. Whatever it is, simply know that others are with you and so it a greater power.
    And, if you want to meet up locally, I am game. Just seeing if it resonates with you. 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dayna says:

    I’m right there with ya.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Linda, yours is one of the very few blogs I look at. I feel a connection with you. We are all in an emotional wringer right now. I hope this is temporary. I think also perhaps it is an overall trend – people consume but do not participate actively.
    I hope you don’t stop sharing what is on your heart.


    Liked by 1 person

  7. yogaleigh says:

    So sorry you’re feeling so isolated. I know I haven’t been participating as much in blogging as I did for a long time and I’ve gathered that a lot of others have not been participating as much either. Not sure the explanation, whether losing interest in blogging, the pandemic changing patterns, etc.
    I know I put up a lot of challenges over the years that were ignored, so I totally understand that it feels lousy to issue one and get nothing. I actually didn’t see the post, but I don’t know that I’d participate as I’ve been finding it tough to blog for quite a while now.
    You aren’t alone even if we’re not all on WP as much. As Eileen noted, I think we’re in a time of challenge.

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  8. Karin says:

    Thank you for sharing. I understand that the lack of response to your blogging challenge is painful. But please don‘t take it personally that nobody wants to contribute so far. People may have a variety of reasons why this challenge is not for them at this time. Maybe they are overwhelmed with time consuming tasks just like you are? Or maybe they have other reasons?

    For me, it is a combination of different things like that my stories either have already been published. Or that my random acts of kindness do exist but seem too small or insignificant to write a story about them. And also because I feel overwhelmed with too many tasks. Therefore, I am reluctant to take on new commitments.

    I hope you don‘t let this drag you down.


    Liked by 2 people

  9. Eileen Meyer says:

    I understand. My heart is with you. And my comment to you is, please don’t take it personally at this timing, that few readers are responding or engaging. Most people are feeling the same as you. They are being pushed inward to continue the conversation within. You’re not alone. I was guided to create a private community for those who are in this birth canal, so to speak. The cosmic messages that I translate have been all about preparing our consciousness for this time. The answers will not come from the external world. The world as we knew it will make less and less sense by the day. The conversation about all of this continues within.

    “Everything depends on the individual and the crucible within in these times now. These decisions are being made now. And it is not between couples or groups to work this out. It is between your heart and the heart of Source Creator. This alignment, this awakening to this stream of Grace will determine the rest of your lives in physical form. It is all Love. There are no wrong choices or right. It is simply your willingness to give this the attention so that you may hear, feel, and be reminded of your original intent on Earth, and with Earth.” Sound of Gold Files: UnknownPressingIn.Excerpt.061817

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