An interesting & detailed description of the INFJ

I have read many articles about the INFJ profile and this is by far the most comprehensive. More importantly, it is incredibly accurate. Click this link to read one of the most popular topics searched by litebeing chronicles readers.

9 thoughts on “An interesting & detailed description of the INFJ

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  3. Thank you for sharing this, Linda. I have to say this description fits me very well. I found one free test online that wasn’t the Myers-Brigg, and it came out as INFJ for me, with me being only slightly more a J than a P. Starting to look into all this more makes me realize why I have never gotten too far with it- for whatever reason I think astrology just makes more sense to me, and I can look up where the planets were when I was born and I can look at where all the celestial bodies are now. All these personality type fields are very interesting to me, but I feel less certain of them for some reason. Like the Enneagram is interesting to me, but I’m never positive which one I am for sure. But I will say that this article is interesting and does make me lean toward finding myself an INFJ and I will work on looking into all this more and seeing what value I can find. It is an interesting description that resonates with me and my strengths and problems- I think the INFJ fits me too because of the perfectionist tendencies and the resulting self-damage that comes with it- i sense that is probably a distinguishing factor with the INFP. with gratitude, Gray


    1. Hi Gray,
      I also feel more confident with Astrology, but not all my placements fit me as well as the INFJ. Like most things, I take what I can use. If you are able to take the actual MBTI, you may see if this really is helpful to you. Glad you enjoyed the article 🙂


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