All is well

The dust is beginning to settle, finally!! Could it be the movement of the moon post-eclipse? Is it the amazing array of creatures out and about relishing this bright sunny sparkling Wednesday? Maybe its the new meditation   I started recently.  It could be the free WAWA coffee day. Walking into WAWA and custom designing a large cup of dark brew/kona/ french vanilla coffee and leaving without paying was liberating. Yet it was more than that somehow.

I really do not know the answer.

What I do know is that I had a lucid dream two nights ago. It was a wee one, tucked at the end of a longer dream, right before the beginning of my day. I was so excited and it seemed so unexpected. I have not been sleeping well this week and have not put out requests lately for anything in particular in the dream department. The dream content was simple. I wanted to design a room and although there was nothing in front of me that looked promising, I sent out my command and it materialized, viola! Boy was it beautiful, beyond the scope of my imagination. It surpassed any expectation. It was indeed, AWESOME. The content really did not matter. What has remained with me is the excitement of ideas made manifest.

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Today it dawned on me that life is so much bigger than we will ever comprehend. So much more than any planned outcome, bucket list item, or well-intentioned prediction.

As a content- to- be- labeled INFJ, planning and organization are part of my DNA. I happily strategize, devise contingency plans, etc…  But at least for today I am going to let go of this behavior, just for a while.  Long enough for me to soak up the spaciousness that Eckhart Tolle describes so brilliantly.

All is well..

listen for some magic

We really do have magic within us. It is patient as it does not know of time. It is waiting for you.

Tell me please, what are you on the verge of????

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39 thoughts on “All is well

    1. That day was so interesting that it retained its energy to this day. I was filled with such joy and hope. The circumstances that landed me that job and the synchronicities and grace were so powerful. I long for that feeling to envelope me once more. As for now, I am moving slowly and breathing.


  1. Thanks for sharing your dream, Linda. That sounds wonderful.
    From what you added to your reblog, it sounds as if you don’t feel well at the moment already.
    If that is the case, then I wish you all the best and hope it gets better soon.
    Yes, seeing how much we manifest can be amazing and wonderful.
    Or horrible.
    It depends on what we manifest. Our thoughts manifest all the time. We are just not that aware of it.
    I have started to see a direct connection between things about which I have been thinking and the corresponding manifestation. Often this is hilarious! I am shown every time that it really matters what goes on in my mind and that ‘I have no neutral thoughts’ (ACIM).

    About dreams in general: on my journey, I’ve found them to be important tools of guidance. I often get a dream as an answer to a burning question.

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    1. Hi Karin,
      Sorry I did not reply sooner, but overlooked any comments on this side of the post. Yes, i have been feeling poorly since leaving the hospital, but very glad to be home. I do not like hospitals, but do like hotels 🙂 I do believe I manifested this illness, yet my physical body also has the GI tract as a vulnerable area. This is not new for me.I am a Scorpio and many of us are known to catastrophize. When you have endured intense suffering, it is natural to be on the lookout for more. While I do not have PTSD, I understand how it operates. I have been told that people skew on the negative and that it aided in the survival of the species. However, I am convinced that I need to do more to shift towards the positive. Most of the catastrophes I conjured up did not manifest,, but my mind, body, and spirit. were compromised in the process.

      I adore dreaming and have more to learn as I go on. I enjoy noticing clues and symbols at all levels of awareness( dream, awake, meditation, etc.)

      Thanks for your always thoughtful comments.

      hugs, Linda

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  2. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    What a difference a year makes? When someone mentioned that today is free coffee day I recalled the events of 4-16-14. All was well then and I want my body to feel well NOW. Hope all is well in your universe. Please enjoy this uplifting post on this Throwback Thursday.


  3. What a wonderful post.. All is definitely well in the Dreamwalker Household.. My dreams have been vivid of late.. and ones of nurturing young folk.. Some I reach others turn away… But you are so right when you say “Today it dawned on me that life is so much bigger than we will ever comprehend.”.. Yes so it is.. but isn’t it grand when we know we are all playing key roles within the orchestra of Life.. and each of us are now making our own magical notes within the symphony of life… Keep tuning into your psychic ‘Knowing’ and Know ALL Is as it should be.. xxx Love to you Sue


  4. What an awesome dream to have! It’s funny how we KNOW these things and have even made some crazy stuff happen in the physical world, but somehow still can’t achieve what we know we are capable of. I guess there’s still some doubt tucked away inside me somewhere. I mean, I’ve never felt more sure of anything as I am this spiritual journey that I am on. I guess it just feels like there is some sort of limitations that the physical realm puts up. I don’t know.


    1. I am doing all i can to savor this moment. In fact, something wonderful happened after I wrote the post, yea!! I am so appreciative of the bliss because I am so aware of its contrast. Do you know what I mean? Maybe Pharrell is getting me happier 🙂
      Something about watching 2 interviews with him on Sunday really got to me. He is humble, joyful, very aware, and charismatic. Perhaps he is a symbol for these times, a way to transcend the illusion of lack and fear?


      1. It’s awful refreshing to see a star who isn’t stuck on clothing designers, cars and drugs. He seems like he is truly comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t need approval from others to be himself. I have to admit that today was much better than the last few days have been. Maybe I need to listen to “Happy” on the way to drop off my daughter at school tomorrow, Charge us both up for the day…


      2. it is such a catchy tune with a great positive message. I also love Blurred lines because it is so catchy ( more Pharrell) but the message is not inspirational to say the least lol

        Pharrell also is behind Hot n Here by Nelly. If my blog was not theme based, I would do a whole bio on the music of Pharrell. Turns out he was involved in so many fabulous collaborations. I first noticed him on Say something video with Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg.


  5. This is exactly the message that has been coming to me all day! Everything is okay. I was just writing about my multitude of “everything is okay” messages just now when I opened your blog and read it–just to make sure I was getting it! I have been in a tough place lately and confined a lot to bed without the energy or strength to carry on a normal routine. Being an INFJ myself, I lay there and think about so many important deadlines and tasks that I am not able to get to at the same time I resist the time I am having to spend here over the next several months. It’s been a long journey to here with 17 deaths in the last 11 months and all the mop up, and so much more I won’t bore you with the details of. I have taken care of everyone else. Now it is time to take care of me. I am literally and fundamentally exhausted, and it is okay at the same time I am falling apart. Everything is okay and so am I. I’m right where I am supposed to be for now. Thank you for sharing your dream!


    1. It is so wonderful to hear from you and get the sense that what I am experiencing today is much larger than myself. I am sorry for your struggles and also pleased that you are growing and feeling peaceful in the thick of it.

      thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comments. INFJs unite 😉


      1. 🙂 Thanks, Linda! “All is well” continues to resonate with me and my go-to phrase whenever I am frustrated at not being able to climb back on the hamster wheel of life! ha ha! I keep reminding myself that my life is not an emergency nor a fire to be put out!


  6. Hi Linda,
    Glad you are settling in a bit and the coffee is good!

    I’ve always felt that full moons bring on bigger and sometimes lucid dreams. Monday night I had 3 back-to-back very vivid dreams. They were all quite pleasant too. I was not however able to conjure up a newly designed room though. 🙂
    Much love!


    1. very interesting about full moons and dreams… makes sense though as the moon rules dreams 🙂

      I would enjoy it if you decide to post any of your dreams. Glad they were pleasant, I find sometimes a certain dream will set the tone for a fabulous day where I feel ripples of the dream all day long 🙂

      love and hugs,


      1. Yes, I agree Linda! A memorable dream does seem to leave it’s mark.

        Okay, I’ll share one here:

        I am standing with some friends and we are looking up at a crystal clear night sky. As we are standing there (this is hard to explain because it’s visual), it seems that the earth tilts forward and we can now see nothing but the night sky. There are big, prominent stars amongst the multitude that can be seen. The image was so stunning it woke me up. Shucks because I would have liked to get a better look at the configuration.


      2. I have some catching up to do, don’t I? 🙂

        Thanks for mentioning it. I am curious about it after reading a little about it…going to read it now Linda.

        So glad you’re posting again!


      3. thanks Debra, hope that wasn’t too much of a plug, but when I work so hard on a more factual astro piece, I hope that it gets read!
        I always appreciate your interest in my writing, it warms my heart ❤


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