After the Fire

I am speechless. Well, practically speechless. I am not even close to wrapping my head around the last few weeks.

However, for the past few days the phrase After the Fire has been cycling repeatedly within me. I knew it was an old Who song that I vaguely remember. While most of the lyrics have long since receded, the message remains clear.


After the fire, the fire still burns
The heart grows older but never ever learns
The memories smolder and the soul always yearns
After the fire, the fire still burns


I found this rare and quite sweet video performance of After the Fire by Roger Daltrey and Sinead O’ Connor. I am in awe of how this particular rendition resonates with me so intimately.  Hoping this performance will convey my emotional state adequately.



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13 thoughts on “After the Fire

  1. Hey Linda,

    A great choice of song to post in the aftermath of a busy few weeks…somehow the dawdling dream persists and the state of wakefulness is not quite as I seem to remembered it…

    I read back a little way and followed a route forward through 11-day clearing, onions, and fire and was put in mind of a camping trip from years ago. I recall pitched tents and the fragrant sigh of onions cooking in their skins amongst the searing embers of an open fire. And I remember the melt of onion layers upon the plate and trails of steam rising from pools of butter and cracked pepper…and in sitting long into the chilling dark watching the fire slowly burn away and wishing I had either more wood, more onions, or a warmer coat to keep night at bay 🙂


    DN – 23/03/2015

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    1. Hey Dewin,
      Glad you like the song choice. I think it really complements these particular times we live in. I like how you pulled a few posts into a camping meal! I read your comment after eating dinner. What did I have, you ask? Pasta with tomato sauce cooked with balsamic vinegar and caramelized onions! It was delicious and the onions really made it pop! Here’s to synchronicity. peace, Linda

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  2. Hey there, Linda. I’ll add to your prayer and light pool. The fire image is beautiful. It’s definitely been an intense few weeks, and an intense few days; I agree, it seems to be collective as well as individual. Something’s been wafting about, for sure! Love to you. Jamie

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    1. Hey Jamie,
      Thank you for your kindness and friendship. The elements all speak to me. Fire has been very prominent in recent years. Existence is quite lively and potent.

      love to you,


      1. Senatssekretär FREISTAAT DANZIG

        Oh, no, i´m lerning history, my mother, my vather, she´s german! Hey, my comment you can give to google-trasnslate! So long! Tschauo! Glück, Auf, meine Heimat!


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