Pieces Of My Dreams – Third Piece

I am becoming quite the re-blogger lately, but I have a method to my madness. First off, I want to clarify why I wrote that finding the article on the Curio shop validated changing my blog tagline to Pieces of a Dream. Just a few days after I changed the tagline back in January, I found the article. For those who did not visit the link to read the article, here’s the title: Curio Philadelphia – pieces of dreams.

Today I finally visited the Curio shop and chatted with the owner Louise. Her store is beautiful, reminiscent of part antique store, part art gallery. If you live near Northwest Philadelphia and the neighboring suburbs, I would highly recommend you stop over to browse or make a purchase. Or you can visit online at curiophiladelphia.com

My time with Louise helped me better understand the meaning behind Curio – an object of curiosity. Our conversation split off into multiple tangents and I really enjoyed her energy. We talked art, healing, philosophy and the love of story. We exchanged cards and had a lovely interaction.

I walked away feeling more complete and less afraid. No one or no thing is ever broken or deserving of disregard or rejection. All is necessary and contains value.

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Here’s another gem from the circle of life..

Piece 3

People may wonder why I keep an email account on AOL. I know it is so 1990s but part of me resists the work involved in letting all my old contacts know I have a new address. Actually I have many email accounts with different providers but I like the AOL home page.

Stuff happens hereThe Waking and Sleeping Worlds Collide.

Most readers know I changed my tagline on 1-11-15 to Pieces of a Dream. It is also a name of a local band, but I did not recall this when I made the change. I just knew I heard the phrase somewhere before. While visiting AOL on Wednesday I looked at the local news  headlines and found this article:


Here is an excerpt from the owner of the Curio Shop that I found quite inspiring:

“I like to…

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