Where is the Lite?

The blogosphere is alive with exciting, meaningful material today. The world is abuzz with New Year’s fever. I am not in the proper place to reflect on 2015. But with a glass of red wine at my side and my heart warmed by today’s events, I am eager to say a few things to all of you.

I call myself litebeing and I like this moniker. Yet I often question my qualifications as a lightworker. I read all about starseeds when I was a twentysomething and was convinced the authors were speaking to me. I felt reassured at that time. But lately I wonder if I am spreading light or making any impact at all. Having been so preoccupied with financial and health issues, not to mention grief, I had doubted what I had left to offer anyone other than myself. A lightworker anchors the energy and holds a space for light on the planet. This is not for the faint of heart. I am lucky if I don’t respond to a rude clerk with a sarcastic retort and a nasty look on my face! (Especially in self-righteous places such as my local food co-op.)

I had been judging myself rather harshly and musing that perhaps I had assigned myself a role that does not belong to me. Have you ever thought that maybe you were fooling yourself with delusions of grandeur ~ ala the New Millenium?

While briefly reflecting on today’s events, I realize that I am exactly where I should be. Just like each snowflake, every human being is unique and carries unique potential to serve the world. I may be anchoring when I am unaware of my actions. Having interacted with a variety of people today, some friends and some “strangers”, I see that I am capable of providing light in the moment. Not every moment, but in any moment.

We all are capable. We all emerged from the same spark.

Now for some awards: ( clever segue, right?)

This could very well be my last awards post, but I cannot let 2015 go without passing on 2 awards I received this year. Thank you Sue and Aquileana, respectively, for the Angel Award and Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. I appreciate being honored by both of you. I am a big fan of Angels and perhaps an even bigger fan of loyal readers, so thank you both for thinking of me.

from Sue via Kentucky Angel


Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

I don’t know who to give these to because most of my peers no longer accept awards. What I will suggest is if you know someone ( or yourself) who would benefit from such an acknowledgement, please take these badges and pass them on.

I will award the following, however, to one person this year. Congratulations Mary, you are the latest recipient of  The Litebeing Chronicles Commenter Award. These badges are special to me, particularly because they were created by brilliant creative souls for my blog. Some of the designers do not blog anymore, but they will live on in these beautiful works of art. I chose Mary because she clearly exemplifies the spirit of this award. Not only does she faithfully share her awe and empathy with me during my glory days and dark nights, she does so for countless others all over the platform. As I make my way, reading countless blogs on a given day, Mary is there, offering comfort, support, and company.


This devotion is so award-worthy! Thank you Mary for stepping up and participating in this grand experiment we call blogging, with soul and enthusiasm! You are an outstanding example of a lightworker ; transparent, generous, and authentic.

One last thing before I close. We never know who we touch and what joy we spread, unless we are told. Most of the time we don’t receive much in the way of feedback. I think of a reader who wrote me a long, emotional email this spring when I was in a very dark place. She had never commented or “liked” my posts, as far as I know. She shared her story with me and explained how my writing made a difference. She asked me not to give up hope. I never made the time to write her back, but I think of her kindness often and hope she knows that she is appreciated. Since I do not know if she wants to be publicly acknowledged, I am keeping her identity private. Thank you kind reader for reaching out and opening your heart to me. It was what I needed in that moment.

I also received notification today through a very mysterious channel that I am regarded as a light to the world and that my blog is one way I express that light outwardly. The source was very unexpected and took me by surprise. When I consider all the warm, loving spirits that I know either in person, online, or via the ” ethers “,  I am humbled to know that others may see me in this way.

May we all remember from where we came and may *the Force be with you always.

To the future with love,




*Could not resist a Star Wars reference.

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24 thoughts on “Where is the Lite?

  1. I like to think that all of us who are sharing what we know of the light are contributing to the growing change in the world. And sometimes the path to light means facing the tough stuff and being willing to talk about that too. So you ARE a lightworker.

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  2. Warm and heartfelt Linda ❤
    Ms. Mary, well, we all love her ❤
    I used that same line at the end of my essay,
    "The Power of Blackness," I also just couldn't resist the Star Wars reference.
    Have you seen it yet? I have not. My bf doesn't really want to see it but I do. 😀
    Thanks for keep on shinning that light.


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    1. Hi Sindy,
      Yes the similarities between us never cease to amaze me!
      Yes I did see it and it was OK. I posted my opinion on FB. I don’t see on there often though, but u can check it out on my timeline. Go see the film. You can do things without the BF, right? 🙂

      Mary sets a great example so I am happy she wants the award. I think my award posts are dwindling, unless I get one from WP or some writing organization ( big dreams can be real).

      I like to take stock of my ability to see beyond my own concerns and interests. Thanks for appreciating my musings.


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      1. I can do lots without him, I just don’t. I am not one who really enjoys the movie theater experience except for big movies like this, or HP… He and I have never even gone to the movies. I don’t really have a Star Wars friend here. lol I am going to message my local friends and find someone to see it with.

        Love you ❤


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  3. “But lately I wonder if I am spreading light or making any impact at all.” You do indeed make an impact, and I see it throughout. Sharing the honesty of the world, and spreading happiness and inspiration to others. Beautiful blog you’ve created. Best to you in 2016.

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    1. Thank you Randall for validating my impact here. I often have doubts as my perfectionistic tendencies still try to dominate my consciousness. I am working on quieting them…

      Your comments helped shift my perspective so thanks again.

      Best to you in 2016 and always, Linda


      1. There are so many positives with being a perfectionist (you produce things that shine and stand out), but as you lead to, they can hinder as well. Wishing you a fantastic day ~ one in a series of many!

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  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Dear Linda,
    First, I just want to say that I think awareness is such a big part of being a Lightworker. When we notice we are being sarcastic to a rude clerk is a little cue that we are out of balance. With that awareness, we can lovingly come back into balance and anchor the Light. You do that.

    Working on ourselves, healing , we are as you said each a unique snowflake carrying our own unique potential. Our own unique way of expressing Love and holding the Light. We never know in any moment if we are touching someone in a profound way, or maybe planting a seed for them. I know you have touched zillions of people in beautiful ways.

    Thank you, Linda for this very special award. I feel so honored, will humbly accept it and hold it deep in my heart. You said such nice things about me – qualities that I aspire to, so it is heart warming to be noticed for them. See – here is one person you have touched deeply! Thank you SO MUCH Linda!!! <3.

    May your New Year be blessed in ways that bring you happiness, warmth and the full on knowing that you are indeed a beloved Lightworker.

    With Love, Peace and Light

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    1. Hi Mary,

      I am pleased that you are excited about your award. This Commenter award was created because I did not think that the awesome comments were acknowledged enough. A blog without discussion is a website. Websites are important too, but they are not a vehicle for dialogue and banter. Community is built here and we need one another now more than ever. Thank you for building community and seeing the light within and without.

      Namaste, Linda


  5. Never doubt yourself as a Lightworker Linda.. for you DO make a tremendous difference to all who read and follow you..
    I am ever grateful we met along this blogging path and can call you friend.. I thank you for all of your thoughts and insights in which you share..
    I know you have gone through a year of grief and uncertainties, pain and anxiety .. Yet throughout it all you still posted and held that positive outlook..

    May your Love and LIGHT forever shine Linda.. and I thank you for being YOU..
    Happy 2016 and beyond,, I know that there are many sisters out there willing you on.. You are never alone in this Lightworker’s walk…

    Love and Blessings always.. Sue ❤

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    1. Thank you Sue for your confidence in my ability to walk my path and your consistent support and encouragement. We need each other now more than ever and the internet can be a tool of connection in a way that it is unprecedented. Kudos to you and others like Eddie and Jamie who have been at this for a good long while.You are among the pioneers!

      Love and hugs,

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      1. Thank you Linda.. ‘Pioneers’ 🙂 well, I think we are all walking in uncharted waters which we have longed to swim in.. I feel now more than ever the Web is linking us ever closer to connect to like minded souls whose Vibration of Thought is so needed right now.. Thank YOU for all of your Gifts Linda.. I am so pleased we connected via this Web we call our internet.. May we cast it out further afield and hopefully catch yet more souls to join in call for Unity and Harmony.. Love and Blessings always.. Sue ❤

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  6. Your blog is spreading light with all your honesty and sharing of your little and big miracle stories.
    I am new to this lightworker business and still don’t know whether and how I would fit into this label. I think that the task here is to wake up and then live from that. And waking u p means to let go of any role, lightworker or other role, and to recognize the I AM presence behind all the roles. The indescribable void or no-thingness behind the ever changing mask of the persona. And to realize that we are that consciousness which is connected to everything else and which is the substratum of everything. And to realize that this consciousness-no-thingy is creative, manifesting things and events via thought and emotion.
    And then to live from that understanding.
    If there is an occasional dark night of the soul along this path or a bad mood and rude response to a shop clerk, I personally don’t mind. As long as I am on the path, I am on track. But this is my personal view on this, and I had no contact to lightworkers and the ascension stuff prior to my blog on WP.
    Have a happy new year.
    Hugs and peace,

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    1. I think that the task here is to wake up and then live from that. And waking u p means to let go of any role, lightworker or other role, and to recognize the I AM presence behind all the roles. The indescribable void or no-thingness behind the ever changing mask of the persona. And to realize that we are that consciousness which is connected to everything else and which is the substratum of everything. And to realize that this consciousness-no-thingy is creative, manifesting things and events via thought and emotion.
      And then to live from that understanding.


      I think this paragraph should be duplicated and printed all over the web. So well said Karin!
      I did not know of global ascension until I arrived here. I knew of the 2012 hoopla which was greatly distorted and used as a manipulation of sorts. We use language as an attempt to communicate ideas and concepts to the best of our ability. So lightworker, enlightened, mystic, starseed, crystal child, seer, psychic. etc all are ways to get one from point A to B in a linear fashion, while living in this world of illusive duality, when in fact linear processes are inaccurate.

      Until we can communicate consistently without words,sounds, and images, we try to convey meaning that results in clarity. Not easy at all. But worth the effort.

      Hugs, Linda

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      1. Thank you for your encouraging reply.
        I agree, every particular path has its own terms and meaning. Every path has its own lingo. And it is just a matter of being able to communicate.
        I notice in this post and comment again how much you act as a trigger or catalyst, at least for me again. I got an internal nudge which was enforced by outer signs to write about the indescribable void or no-thingness before Xmas. But I didn’t because of time restraints and laziness.
        But then your post here came and I could write something about the no-thing-ness into the comment. So, I turned to my spirit guide or higher self and said, “See ? I am willing. I wrote about it, even if it is only in a comment.”
        And now your enthusiastic reply reinforces again that I really should write about this.
        So, this goes to show that you are spreading the light in the best way just by being you. You are fulfilling a function as a catalyst and trigger, which I have observed you doing often,at least for me.
        Enlightenment is not about becoming a better person. We don’t get enlightened faster if we are nice to rude shop clerks all the time. It is about waking up from the illusion of being a person. It is about recognizing how the universe uses us for the divine plan of at-one-ment.
        You like computer games. Enlightenment or ascension is not about leveling the character of the game up to level 100. It is about recognizing that we have never been the character on the screen.
        Being nice to rude shop clerks can be a byproduct of awakening. But it is not the means which gets us there.

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