Lavender to Support the Challenges of Change & Intense Times

I am really into lavender lately and want to pass on Tania’s lovely lavender post. Nature wants to help us heal ❤ and the aroma is incredible.

thanks Tania!

Tania Marie

These photos I took of lavender in the International Peace Garden were some of my favorite and partnered well with the essence of peace and sense of calm experienced and symbolized by this place we visited and received clarity of direction in our journey. And with the intensities and transitions many are experiencing, I felt to share about lavender again as one way to support self-nurturing and help you to relax into the flow of life more with ease and embrace through the intensity of energies, over-stimulus of things in the environment, or the challenges of change.


There are many ways you can use lavender, but no matter how you are called to you’ll find it’s nostalgia to bring to mind long summer days, nature’s magick, childhood memories, nurturing baths, tender moments, and of course our enchanting Faery friends.

However you bring some lavender into your experience, your life will increase in…

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3 thoughts on “Lavender to Support the Challenges of Change & Intense Times

    1. Hi Sue,
      Tania posts on a wide range of topics and I especially enjoy her writing about plants and animals and “powerplaces” she discovers on her travels. Lavender was just discovered by a me a couple years ago and I adore its smell and energy. Speaking of challenges, I hope you will find time to write for mine on magnificence. It is in effect throughout the end of November so there is plenty of time. Happy New Moon! ❤ Linda

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      1. Thank you dear Linda.. I will keep that challenge in mind.. And revisit your challenge topic again shortly.. I have had such a lot going on, I did not wish to commit myself to something I didn’t deliver on.. So never say never ❤ We will see 🙂

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