Be Your Best


As the world around us continues to spiral in unpredictable directions, what is a lightworker to do?

The solution is simple: be your best. What does best mean? Do what you can at any given moment and love yourself through it all. Love yourself when you lose your temper, make a mistake, or think unkind thoughts. Love yourself as you send light to a stranger, practice acts of random kindness, or elicit a smile in another.

Living on Earth has never been easy according to recorded and anecdotal history. Incarnating into human form is quite the experiment and the times we are entering are challenging and often daunting. But miracles and blessings abound in every heart and at every pass.

I enjoy the show Nashville and this season is one of my favorites. The emphasis is on character driven plots and the music making process. Country and bluegrass tunes are loaded with emotion, particularly tenderness and pain. So much beauty is distilled, resonating deeply in my soul. You just have to listen intently and it is all laid out there.

This tune has followed me since I first heard it on the season premiere. The Stella sisters resemble my nieces and are around the same age. Their voices are full of hope and promise.  Maybe it will delight and motivate you to live with love and purpose. The younger generations are counting on us to be our best so that they can inherit a New Earth.

13 thoughts on “Be Your Best

  1. Loved that video clip Linda.. and yes that is all we can be.. and your last sentence spoke volumes..
    “The younger generations are counting on us to be our best so that they can inherit a New Earth.”… There are also some very switched on younger generation on our planet too.. And I know from my own granddaughter who is now 6.. Her love of nature, plants and her very quick thinking mind which many more children have is going to stand them in good stead for our New Earth..

    Much love Linda xxx

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    1. Hi Sue,
      I am spending some time re-tracing my steps and returning replies to those I missed. My nieces are also ahead of the curve, particularly my youngest. I hope she does not lose that spirit as she matures.

      xx Linda

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  2. Thanks for your wise words. Loving oneself through all of it and being the best we can be, yes. What that looks like in concrete terms is probably different for each person, depending on what they feel like doing.
    Thanks for sharing the video. Amazing voices !

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    1. Love is the answer to most of not all questions. I continue to learn how to love myself and how to recognize love all around me. Rather focus on love than its opposite. Glad you enjoyed the video too 🙂

      Hugs across the ocean,

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  3. Being is the way. with love. I have mixed feelings about the ” youngens”, but remember being one myself. There is much diversity in attitudes and behaviors, all subject to change.

    hugs, Linda


  4. Yes, BE-ing our best is the path through. I don’t have the same view of the new generation, though — I’ve been counting on them to show up and lead the way with the building. Standing on our broad shoulders, of course. The younger ones here at Lost Valley are extraordinary and working/playing with them is a joy for my heart. Lots of love, alia

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