Gratitude at Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere! I am grateful to have readers all over the globe who grace me with their presence. One of many things I am grateful for.

I plan to use today to impart a radical gratitude practice. I do this now, rather than stew in all my problems or disappointments. In his new book, Everything is Here to Help You, Matt Kahn espouses that every circumstance will help us bring about more love for ourselves and each other. I much rather conclude that Source is conspiring for me, rather than against me.

I can feel the increase of light and warmth and am drinking it in. I live in such a beautiful neighborhood and am so lucky to be surrounded by trees and creatures of all kinds. As dusk approaches, my thoughts begin to settle down and my muscles begin to relax. I smell the sweet scent of lavender tealights and contemplate the day.

So here is a list in no particular order of what I am grateful for now:

The softening sky

Faint bird songs

Imminent fireflies aka lightning bugs

My hot pink kaleidoscope covered Samsung smart phone that allows me to take great pics and send them places ( and doubles as a flashlight.)

A virtual job interview tomorrow ( via Zoom) that excites me about what lies ahead.

Hydrangeas springing up outside my window, the inspiration for beautiful heartfelt emotions and scorpionic transformation and a symbol of this blog.

My new commitment to increasing sun exposure by taking daily morning walks. These walks help me get back in touch with nature and serves as a moving meditation bearing gifts:

Gentle inhalations and exhalations carry me from now to now, and back.

Great friends who love me for me, and write amazing books.

You can find Cindy’s first published book here.

Watching free Dead and Company live stream via Facebook, courtesy of Nugs TV. My teenage Deadhead self would never have imagined watching Bob Weir in real-time using a laptop on her couch.  no words….

Beauty is everywhere, just waiting to be absorbed and appreciated.

Meditating to Soleggio frequencies that are reminiscent of sound therapy baths, helping me leave my brain and raise my vibes.

The ability to take precious spaciousness, convert it to text, and share it with you.

Namaste and Solstice Blessings, Linda

May the light shine beyond your wildest dreams and may the darkness spin you into a transformed being of love.

19 thoughts on “Gratitude at Solstice

  1. Happy Solstice, Linda! 💗

    I pulled a gratitude card today for myself during my ritual and meditation practice, and I’m feeling this ‘gratitude’ practice renewed! I really enjoy your lovely post here, and I am also practicing gratitude!

    I’m grateful for the west coast weather, my daughter, my husband, my parents, my grandmother’s recent health improvements at 98. So grateful!!!

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    1. I am grateful to hear from you Ka and feel your upbeat and vibrant enegy. I am also grateful for cool breezes, random cats on my street strolling by, and the container of dates I forgot I had waiting for me when I arrived home hungry from work. The post is a reblog from last year but I still practice gratitude. Sending you love across the country and cyberspace ❤

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  2. beautiful! so wonderful you’re deepening your gratitude practice. i have too and have enjoyed others sharing in the gratitude challenge over the last 11 days that was held through today’s solstice. it truly is heart expanding to see everything through love! much love to you linda and happy solstice! ❤

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    1. Hi Tania, I hope you are well. I keep coming back to gratitude because I know in my soul that it is where I belong. Thank you for your kind words. I was not aware of the gratitude challenge, but perhaps I got the memo telepathically!

      Happy Solstice to you!

      love and hugs,

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      1. wonderful linda! and thank, i am doing very well and enjoying life. i love that you have found that to be the place for your heart ❤ definitely tuning in with each other! i always love how that works ❤ big hugs and love to you.

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