A Glimpse of En-Deerment ~ A Jupiter in Sag Moment

Life has been very harsh lately. Thursday’s initial snow of  the season resulted in a traffic nightmare for many, leaving me stuck in my car for close to five hours. This experience left me shaken and depleted. Sometimes I feel that if I share too much about the depths of my emotions I will scare my readers away. Even during the darkest of moments, I remember to pray, ask for guidance, and love myself. Sometimes I receive a pleasant, unexpected blessing.

I woke up this morning and immediately noticed a large animal near the bird feeder. Initially I thought it was a dog, but it was actually a deer. Despite many attempts, today is the first time I have been able to shoot some deer pics, right in the comfort of my living room! Deer is one of my totems and I wrote extensively about deer medicine here.

On occasion, my spirit merges with my totem and we really connect. Deer typically flee as soon as they detect humans in their path, but this guy/gal waited a bit and met my gaze. We had a moment. This moment gave me hope that something larger, grander than myself is waiting for me…..

Here are a few excerpts on Deer magick:

Deer has entered your life to help you walk the path of love with full consciousness and awareness, to know that love sometimes requires caring and protection, not only in how we love others, but also in how we love ourselves.

A deer’s senses are very acute and they see extremely well in low light, giving them the ability to understand the deeper symbolic meanings of things. They can hear a twig snap a very long way off. People with this power animal are often described as being swift and alert. They are intuitive, often seeming to possess well-developed, even extrasensory perceptions. Sometimes their thoughts seem to race ahead, and they appear not to be listening, to be somewhere else. Anyone with power animal has latent clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities.

When a Deer totem enters your world, a new innocence and freshness in about to be awakened. New adventures are just around the corner and there will be an opportunity to express the gentle love that will open new doors for you.

The last paragraph speaks of innocence, freshness, new adventures, and the opening of doors. This is the essence of Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius. While I typically prefer all things Scorpio, this last round of Jup in Scorp was stymied by Pluto’s current transit in Capricorn. Jupiter can be more playful and light in whimsical, kindhearted Sag.

May your Mercury Retrograde be kind and your journey be abundant with the promise of love, adventure, and gentility.

To learn more, please visit http://www.shamanicjourney.com/deer-power-animal-symbol-of-gentleness-unconditional-love-and-kindness

Check out the latest Divine Mission – Possible Challenge entries here. There is still time to participate if you would like to share your story with us. C’mon over!

11 thoughts on “A Glimpse of En-Deerment ~ A Jupiter in Sag Moment

  1. I hope you have recovered from your ordeal of five hours in snow Linda.. I think Winter may be very harsh in many areas this year, I have been watching nature and the berries on trees, and Mother Nature is offering plenty for the wild life to stock up on… And the birds on our feeders have been frantically feeding as the temperatures drop..
    Snow forecast for the weekend here also..
    The Deer, what a beautiful Sign for you to have Linda,, I am always in awe at how the Universe gives us these messages… And its even better when we observe them and understand them..
    loved your photos, A real treat..

    My Granddaughter and my Son a few weeks back went walking in the woods near to them on a hike and bit of a day camping exercise as it was Half term holidays around Halloween . They also spotted Two deer, much to my granddaughters delight… They are rare to be spotted here abouts..

    So thank you for sharing Linda..
    Sending continued thoughts and Blessings your way ..
    Sue ❤

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    1. Hi Sue,
      Obviously I am also behind in replying to comments! When I am in tune with the natural world, all else falls away. Probably because when we are mindful, the moment fills up all time and space.

      Sending love, Linda

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  2. such a wonderful gift linda! i’m not sure if you saw my addition to my blog challenge of what happened after i posted it, but it included the visit of four deer to our back yard forest. there seems to be something with deer energy lately, as i also have a friend who had quite a powerful experience of what seemed to be a “ghost deer/stag” that blind sided her car while she was driving and pushed her car to the left a few inches. the deer was no where to be found, but two pieces of antler were left in the back seat (through the busted window) and one in the side frame embedded. no blood or sign within miles of the deer (as they went back to search). they seem to have messages for us all relative to each

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    1. Hi Tania, I was looking for your addendum but could not find it. I have had a few deer “encounters” since I have been blogging, but have been enchanted with deer since forever. They are so graceful and lovely and strong. ❤

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      1. It’s at the end of my blog challenge post. I didn’t do a separate post, just included it at the bottom. Yes! I agree… The enchanted deer have been around. My most profound was in Glacier National Park when on our RV trip. But on 11/11/11 was a very dear encounter too. I love them too 💜 🦌

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