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UPDATE 9/28/20 : I have come to realize that both the image and unsettling experience described below were brought to me by my team and other higher dimensional beings, not at all random or simply intuition( image) or sabotage ( wood chopping). The image is about healing and power through art and stillness. The disruption event was an example of how I get in my own way and/or find ways to not commit to a new way of being. I choose to believe that life is conspiring in my favor and no-thing is deliberately working to impede my progress. Yeah, it took a few days but I see it now.



Can something be both beautiful and destructive?

Yes it is so. The spotted lanternfly, a lovely ( but easily camouflaged ) insect was spotted by me on Wednesday ( photo above) and in my car yesterday. I also saw it a week or so ago and thought it was a butterfly. I did some research and learned this fly is on the watchlist for extensive tree damage. I am living apparently in the “quarantine zone.” I did take it out of my car. It is so pretty, but a menace to Gaia.

Little is clear to me now. I will explain.

I excitedly took an online channeling class today with Lorie Ladd. My wifi was fine and I was nervous but ready to learn more about how to channel energies consciously. I believe I have been doing it for years, unconsciously. About  a minute or so into the first guided practice meditation , I hear what sounds like drilling. It gets louder and louder. I try to ignore it but cannot do so. I look outside and see some guy sawing wood near my backyard. Why he decides to do this on a Saturday night is beyond me. My neighbors for the most part have been really annoying lately.  There seems to be a callous disregard for the boundaries of other people, as I have written about previously. I had to stop the Zoom call and I felt a lot of anger and resentment. Why would this noise occur right in the middle of the class when we are starting the actual channeling? My laptop does not have a working battery so it would have taken time to find a place to plug in the cord and reboot. I figured I would just try again when I get the video replay. I have let go of the anger because I do not want to be a victim. Maybe there is a great reason why my process was interrupted. The past week has been exhausting and annoying in part to Saturn and Mars, which I may address another time.

On a more pleasant note, earlier in the class an image came to me quite strongly. While Lorie was discussing art and clairvoyance, I saw a painting in my head. It was gorgeous , featuring potent crystals and lavender. I could not , not think about it.  It occurred to me it might be on my blog but then I connected it with Sue Dreamwalker. I could not find it anywhere on her blog. I finally checked my media library, taking in the spectacular array of images and found her painting. Why was this artwork created 7 years ago renting space in my head? I do not know. From time to time I will get a flash of a painting or photo and become obsessed with its origins. Lorie discussed the power of channeled art and it really made me reflect on my love of this medium. Sue’s painting was part of my first blogging challenge back in 2013. Maybe it popped into my brain to invite you all again to join my current challenge. Please check it out here. I am eager to get it up and running soon but need a few more writers to sign up.

I am still trying to get grounded after a very frustrating day. I do not think I meant to sabotage my progress with channeling higher dimensions and owning up to my multidimensional nature. I guess I will need to cultivate more patience and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thanks Sue for your lovely art and your enduring friendship!

2 comments on “Strange Day

  1. I am surprised I am the first to comment, unless there are pending ones Linda.. And Wow to you receiving this image after all these years and Well done you for remembering where and then hunting it out… 🙂
    I have bought a few new crystal pendants lately too… One of them Lapis Lazuli and another Amethyst Both blue violet in colour..
    I hope you are enjoying Lories course.. And the irritations?? of noise? what inner chatter is running around you at the moment that could also be creating inner noise and disturbing you..
    I know as I have had to deal with this myself recently and check my thoughts…. To bring them back into alignment.
    Interesting how something can be so beautiful and yet so destructive. Many things can be camouflaged in their appearances and deceptive in nature… Make sure you understand the protection process dear Linda when asking or requesting channelling… I am witnessing a thinning of veils and if our energy is low, its all too easy for a negative channel to deceive… Which maybe the message of your little lantern fly… I don’t know…

    I have had a crow crowing most days as I have gone outside be it here or on the allotment plot, and have been alerted to the crows message…
    a little of that which jumped out at me as this paragraph..

    “Crows are known to be very protective and they work effectively in groups to chase off seemingly impossible foe With Crow in your life, you’ll have a natural desire to safeguard the little guy, defend your territory and speak your truth without fear. You will also find that Crow as a Spirit Animal. inspires tenacity. Whatever the wall or barrier, you will eventually figure out a way to get around it.”

    I have been pondering how to speak deeper truths without seeming negative… Which is why I have been so quiet of late… as I observe and piece more together…

    Oh and the link to the crows is here I find this site useful for totems..

    Thank you dear Linda for the huge compliment…. Sending love and well wishes my friend…
    Special Hugs your way ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Sue,
      So far you are the sole commenter for this post. I find it so odd when an occasional image will enter my inner eye and I feel determined to find it in 3D. It is interesting that the actual painting looked slightly different than what was conjured within me, but not drastically different. You brought up a good point about protection. Sometimes my fears prevent me from taking on these “new abilities” which could possibly explain the timing of the man chopping wood near my backyard. Did you not understand this was an actual real time event, the chopping noise, not in my head?

      I saw another lanternfly while shopping today. I tend to see more of whatever I think about. On the website it says to kill them immediately but I do not feel called to kill them, just avoid them. This article came to my attention after your comment about crows:

      I love your art and you are very talented. I hope you will join my challenge. So far 3 people have committed. Maybe it is the astrological weather that is keeping participation restricted. I encountered lots of construction and road closures today, echoing the Mars Saturn square. It is interesting also that your painting happened around the end of your mediumship, if I understood your blog correctly. An ending for you might mean a beginning for my channeling. I am not certain I want to channel for others and Lorie ‘s teaching is not trance channeling. I am more interested in widening my consciousness to more light. ❤


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