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Nine years of wacky, zany, sudden, unpredictable, enlightening change. Nine years can be a lifetime.  Today I celebrate Uranus leaving my second house and solar sixth house.  It’s been real.

From Spring of 2012 until this week, my chart Ruler Uranus has been transiting my 2nd house of values, land, self-esteem, and finances and my sixth house of health, office, coworkers, and routine. I can now say with clarity that solar houses do count. The solar house system is a whole sign house system that puts one’s sun sign on the ascendant, almost as if you were born with your sun very close to the ascendant. In my case, Mars rules my second house and is placed in my sixth house so the two sectors of life are connected. I had been hoping that once Uranus left Aries my health woes would end but this was not the case. I am not expecting unrealistic outcomes at this juncture, having realized that astrology is not a one trick pony and many factors can contribute to one’s current circumstances. But hey, my second house will be quiet for awhile and that is a good thing!

I began blogging in 2013 so this entire blogging journey has occurred during 8 of the 9 years of this Uranus transit. That being said, I am not going to rehash the last  eight years. If you have been following my blog, you know what has happened. I am already noticing some of the vibes of Uranus in the third, with bizarro interactions with neighbors, an influx of visitors to my neighborhood, and in increase of my psychic abilities. As we say, when a planet leaves one place, it goes somewhere else. In my case, Uranus has been opposing Neptune and inching towards an opposition of my sun and Mercury and squaring the ascendant/descendant axis, forming a less potent configuration similar to a Fixed Grand Cross. The 3rd, 9th, 1st and 7th houses will be impacted. Since I have a natal 7th house Uranus, I know the drill.

Uranus’s magnetic field ( animated )

Astrology can be subtle and I am experiencing a bleed through of the second house while Uranus sits on the third house cusp. For example, around 4pm yesterday my abdomen was in excruciating pain and I turned on the TV wondering if the George Floyd murder trial verdict was in. It was in and I intuited that my body was taking in some of the angst. On Monday while driving home I got a strong nudge to use my phone to take some pictures while in my car, so I did:

These examples both reflect the the 2nd/3rd and 6th/7th house energies: Feeling quite ill ( 6th house ) due in part to feeling the pain of others (7th house ). Getting mental messages ( 3rd house) to take pictures of nature ( 2nd house ) in my neighborhood ( 3rd house) . I also received a nudge today to renew my membership at Longwood  Gardens after recalling seeing a discount ad on Facebook. I could not find the ad again, so I visited Longwood’s site. After a few visits, the promo invitation “suddenly ” appeared on the homepage. Again, another illustration of 2nd house ( money, gardens ) and 3rd house ( intuitive nudges, memory) working together via technology ( Uranus).

What I would like to add on the positive side of the equation is that this time period has allowed me to eliminate many assumptions about security, self-worth, finances, healing, diet, and routine. I have most certainly shifted, learning more about healing and becoming more of a healer. I have become a but more adaptable regarding money and income. Yet I would not want to go through this again.  So many plot twists occurred that truly surprised me. I am no longer on the fence about the porousness of our reality, even though being a student of A Course in Miracles in the late 1980s certainly paved the way.

Have you had any interesting transit come to an end lately? What happened ( or didn’t happen) ? Please share your account here.

 Uranus images courtesy of, public domain.

2 comments on “Nine Years

  1. Inreresting, Linda. So now I see Uranus is already working in your 3rd solar house – hence the writing frenzy 😊 I have my Uranus in the third natally, btw. I have to look into this technique in relation to my chart. For sure what I have noticed is that Sagittarius, the sign opposite my Sun, always brings me friends and partners.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Good observation about your chart. Regarding my writing frenzy, it is more due to having lots of free time here at home while my job search pushes on. But there could always be the new Uranus factor kicking in. The year I began blogging, tr Mercury was on the 3rd house cusp with tr Mars also in 3rd. Plus Solar Return 3rd house was ruled by Jupiter, placed in Gemini in the 9th! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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