Catching Up

Greetings litebeings! It has been a good stretch since I posted anything, especially anything new. I have been working on balancing my life, and practicing self-care to increase my inner resilience. I am also working on  a guest post that is rather intense. I hope everyone out there is enjoying the change of season. It is an exceptionally rainy May in my neck of the woods.

Speaking of woods, here are a few photos from my latest trip to Longwood Gardens:

I have been re-vitalizing my meditation practice with a different type of breathing and adding chanting back to the mix. I recently learned that an extended exhale and the act of chanting help relax the vagus nerve, which plays a role in heart rate and digestion. I am also enjoying select lectures from the Hay House Summit, which is happening right now. I enjoyed an interview with Esther Hicks and a video featuring Caroline Myss. Check it out and discover an array of material on all things metaphysical.

Finally, I want to extend a Happy Mother’s Day to all who love and nurture others. Ceres the grain goddess is also a very maternal figure and while I do not have children, my prominent Ceres makes me an Earth Mother of sorts, particularly to those of the feline persuasion. Let’s honor those who extend affection, protection, and care to those in need to foster their development and well -being.

Even when I am away, my thoughts and energy are always with my readers, followers, fellow writers and all that connect with me at litebeing chronicles.

Namaste, litebeing


13 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Loved that you have been nurturing yourself Linda.. and no better place to feel connected to our Earth Mother than among her beautiful flowers, What a wonderful garden you have shared.
    Sending love and continued self nurturing. Chanting is very powerful as is the breath..
    Love and Well wishes.. 🙂 ❤

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    1. I am doing the best that I can, although I do feel depleted today. The weather does help with all the greenery everywhere. Self-care is something often forgotten but so necessary.

      love, Linda

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  2. A delightful place in nature to revitalise Linda…
    I’m watching a documentary series all about the microbiology in the gut that came on my path and am planning to write a blog about my research on the root causes of autoimmune dis-ease that so many people are plagued with today!
    The vagus nerve came up yesterday, about how important it is to have clear signals from the gut about everything that’s going on with us.
    Like yourself I’m chilling at home a lot instead of blogging❤️ I realised it was ok!
    Much love and be in joy😘 much love Barbara x

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    1. Hi Barbara, so glad you enjoyed my post. I have known of vagus nerve, but I am eager to understand more. Looking forward to your research. I love chillin’ but feel creative urge to find more energy and time to write, but it is all-ways all-right ❤

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