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wikimedia free domain

1/19/23 Update: I am excited to report that the Sun moves into Aquarius tomorrow 1/20/23 at 3:29 Eastern Time. Hallelujah! We are still in the throes of a Saturnian season with Pluto still in Cap and Saturn in Aquarius. However both planets will be changing signs shortly. Please note that both Mars and Mercury are finally direct. This is a relief for many who have felt stuck and/ or frustrated.  Plus both the Chinese New Year ( of the Rabbit) , and the direct station of Uranus, (the other ruler of Aquarius ) will occur on Sunday. To top it all off, we have an Aquarius New Moon on Saturday!

Lots of forward thinking , forward moving activity, and new beginning s are coming our way. Enjoy this oldie but goodie post.

Can I tell you how thrilled I am that the sun is changing over to Aquarius at 10:51 PM Eastern time?  Well I guess I can, because the blogging gods(esses) asked me to write today. The sun was out and despite the frigid temperatures, I felt some relief. I am not anti- Capricorn and we are still in my 12th house for a while, but I need some respite from Saturn. Yeah I know Saturn is the original ruler of Aquarius but this Aquarius rising has had enough of Saturn’s coldness lately. Even with the Pluto/Uranus square in play, I am ready for the zing and zap of Uranus and the altruism and ego transcendence of the ” Shift”.  This is not an ” Expert” article today. This is about amazing Aquarius art, emotion, nostalgia, and iconic music.

wikimedia free domain

I grew up in the 1960s so I knew about the Age of Aquarius very early on. There was a band that was very popular called The 5th Dimension. They recorded music for the soundtrack for the counter-cultural musical Hair. I grew up repeatedly hearing terms  like the 5th dimension and Age of Aquarius. In 2014 I am still trying to grasp their true essence. Hair debuted around the time my second grade teacher helped me create the solar system out of paper mache. I can still see that image in my mind’s eye. It was a major turning point for me. I am so lucky to have not changed schools until 3rd grade. My teacher believed in me and her influence was unlimited.  That is when my interest in astrology began. It is funny that my parents did not discourage this hobby/obsession. They were classic traditionalists.  It was probably because mainstream culture embraced it back then. In my parent’s house all four of my family’s sun sign plaques are still hanging on the kitchen wall. My parents even saw the (then controversial ) play Hair. Oh how I wanted to see it in high school, but I was not allowed to go. But in 1979 the film came out and I saw it with my father! Odd I know , but he liked the music and the play. Maybe he was trying to prove how cool he was to his teenage daughter.

wikimedia free domainUS

I know Aquarius can be seen as cold and aloof and very superior, but in an elevated state it is about life. The water bearer arrives with life affirming water. That water can be refreshing or freezing. It depends on your point of view. I do not know if the Age is totally here. I think that we have gotten glimpses of it for many, many years.  I have a feeling that when we are fully in it, we will be very surprised by its appearance and power. Back in the mid 1960s when the Uranus/Pluto conjunction was in full force, I was too young to understand or even recognize the revolutions, upheaval, and violence. I recall the arrival of the Beatles, astrology, cool fashion, psychedelic colors, unusual music, and the acceleration of space exploration. As I type this, I am having a mini-epiphany. I was fascinated by the space program and that probably also contributed to my curiosity about astrology. I do remember the moon walk and no, I am not talking about Michael Jackson! I grew up during a time of excitement, experimentation and optimism.  The landscape is different today, but we can still choose optimism over cynicism. Even with the current backdrop of the Uranus/Pluto squares and the upcoming cardinal cross, it is still a choice. How awesome is it that we can choose all of our reactions to circumstances. What do you choose?

wikimedia free domain

Please click over to watch the opening scene  and number :

The Age of Aquarius – Hair the Movie

Then ask yourself:

                         Were people misguided in the 1960s about love and peace prevailing over war and greed?

What does revolution mean to you?

Are you glad I have resumed asking questions?

What does the spirit of Aquarius look like?

 How does it operate in your life?

peace out,  litebeing 

image credits: public domain United States.

6 comments on “Musings ~ Aquarius is coming, thank you (insert Deity here)!

  1. Michael says:

    I’m pretty sure I need this, too, Linda!

    I’ll take a crack at one or two of your questions, about whether or not those of the 1960’s were misguided about love and peace. I think definitely not. I have to give the disclaimer that I was born in the mid-70’s before offering some thoughts on this, so it’s more of a reaction to what I may have seen in the media since (like watching movies or listening to music of the time) than actual direct firsthand knowledge. My sense is there was a see of something profound and true, but that the extent to which inner work is required to make this reality truly tangible may have been less generally understood. And so we’re in this process! It’s hard to even explain because, for me, it’s a process of restoring unity consciousness as a reality in this plane we share, but we’re also all individuals… so it seems like a process we probably cannot intellectually understand at some level.

    I think we can all understand we’re in difficult and precipitous times, though. Things are breaking apart, changing, shifting beneath our feet, and I remain hopeful that the process will ultimately allow us to move into a bright future. That kernel that was planted all those years ago is taking root!

    Peace, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks Michael for sharing your thoughts about the Aquarian age and unity consciousness. I was alive in the 1960s but way too young to be in any movements. But my interest in space and astrology was sparked at this time. I see the current generation as being a version of the hippies and activists in a modern way. There is less judgment, passion, and a wisdom many of them possess, along with an urgency. I do not want to live through more regression and the potential annihilation of our species. Maybe we will keep trying until it finally and firmly takes hold.

      peace to you,



  2. You were right there with me! Or was I with you? That’s when I got interested in astronomy, too. The majesty of the universe, of the planets and the energy and the possibilities. I still feel like that young kid in my awe of the world and beyond. Thanks for taking me back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Wow, the similarities between us continue. 🙂 I was not sure that it was the right time for this reblog, but it sparked some folks, so my intuition was activated. I more and more believe I have strong bonds with other planets and stars, etc and that the timeline I was born into helped trigger some of my memories or imagination about other incarnations and realms of existence. Lately I have been revisiting my curiosity about the Pleiades. So glad you enjoyed this post! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Val Boyko says:

    So refreshing … and hopeful. Thank you 💝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks Val for your shared hope for our future. I think it may be awhile before we actually realize the Golden Age, but it is in motion.

      Liked by 1 person

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