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Lately I have been engaged in a parallel process where I have been evaluating my clients’ healing journeys as they mirror my own in turn. As I get close to wrapping up my old job to step fully into the new one, I have been thinking deeply about how to prepare my clients who are leaving me for their continued growth. While doing so, I am examining my preparedness for a new work culture, a new supervisor, and how I can best step into my next chapter with confidence and grace.

I sometimes long for the days when my life was immersed in peak experiences, where my soul was expanded and my heart felt so much love internally and outwardly. At this point, there is more confusion , less energy, and more need to go within whether my ego wants to or not. Sometimes I rather just escape and retreat. Hell, I could play games and watch Youtube for days if there were no bills or responsibilities!

The otherworldly experiences that I process most often now are the collision between my inner world and what is “out there. ” It feels less magickal and more jarring to me until it recedes into the familiar. Here is an incident that occurred tonight:  I am watching a podcast with Bill Maher and Chevy Chase on YouTube. While doing so I am moving my laptop on the coffee table. I am figuring out how to make room for the laptop and am looking at an emery board   ( nail file) , deciding where to place it.  Just a few seconds later, Chevy Chase asks Bill Maher ” Hey do you have an emery board? ” At first I was stunned and then my inner parent reminded my inner child that I am safe and it is okay. This is just a new version of synchronicity screaming to get your attention by showing up in a jarring way. What was so jarring is that I don’t really use the term emery board anymore. It is a word I first heard from my mother decades ago. So it also evoked my past in a surprising way. Also the way it was communicated as if Chevy was communicating with me through the TV. ( I prefer YouTube on TV. )  I have not figured out what this means for me and my  current spiritual trajectory is quite slow in my view. Yet I am being shown on a regular basis that the separation between internal and external is an illusion.

I am excited to share a new video from Dr. Daniel Foor, founder of Ancestral Medicine. This one is entitled Healing and Beyond Healing. Daniel is so compelling to me as a teacher. He is a psychologist, former therapist and a ritualist whose manner is both gentle and provocative. I am often amazed by his ability to break down concepts in a new way and move me in directions I did not know existed. I would expect he was an exceptional therapist and sometimes imagine what it would be like to work with him as a client. I see him as a hybrid therapist/spiritual teacher. If I am honest with myself, I am also a combination of the two. The lines have blurred for me in my work as I see little difference between psychological and spiritual, regardless of the client’s orientation. Healing is about self discovery, feeling your pain, making peace with your shadow, and leaning into the possible, for starters. Do you see any credible distinction here?

This talk covers a lot of ground but ultimately captures the inquiries and tools needed to begin and sustain healing. I loved it so much I may share it with a few clients. I think it would also be helpful for beginning therapists, seekers of all stripes, and those considering how to approach inner healing.

A word of caution: He is recovering from illness and there will be coughing. It is worth it to just go with the coughing or perhaps use it to punctuate the point he is making at that moment. Click on the title below to access the video.

Healing and Beyond Healing – Thank You

6 comments on “Healing and Beyond Healing

  1. Your experience with Chevy Chase saying the exact word you were thinking and in connection with at the same time is one I keep having over and over too Linda. When I read that I was nodding my head big time with you saying the separation between inner and outer being an illusion. I experience it like you said, “screaming synchronicity” that is ” jarring,” it reminds me of how often people say they want to see a ghost, or ET, or some miraculous manifestation in front of them, but when or if they do, it’s frightening. Peeling back the veils is quite jarring, as you said, to the human psyche, even though it’s more true to the nature of reality at large. It feels to be a supportive experience and what the norm will become the more reality shifts for us. Demonstrating what we are truly capable of. Anyway, just wanted to share resonance with what you experienced.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Yes! You get it! This kind of experience could lead one to think they are losing it, but fortunately I know better. It is really validating to know that this happens often to you also and that you understand. I have had this the past few years and it is increasing in frequency rapidly. I am puzzled how to interpret these synchs. They remind me a bit of visiting a site online to shop and then seeing pictures of the items you were buying all over the internet. Unfortunately that is a different phenomenon not ased on Spirit.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I sure do!! I have so many uncanny stories like yours, which is why I loved reading your experience – like a big a-ha smile and wink! There’s definitely an upswing in the synchronized experiences. You made me giggle about the online shopping…much like that, but not as creepy lol! I’ve had that happen too, or my husband will look for something and it shows up on my computer. But then there were a couple of times I just thought about something and never searched and the same happened…that was REALLY unnerving. These ones like your Chevy Chase are the kind that make my soul smile.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. litebeing says:

      Mercury retro alert: WP sent my comment prematurely. My point is that I wish I understood what to do with these experiences. I agree with you that they are positive, but I am not sure what messages are there for me. Any ideas? I do believe that more and more people will have a variety of new and unusual non -ordinary experiences as the veil thins.

      much love,
      Linda ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gotta love that Merc Rx! I feel like these are ways of letting us know we’re much more tapped in than we let ourselves embrace and how close we are to sustaining that as the norm. That the consistency is only limited by us shifting in and out of certain frequencies. I’m not necessarily sure there’s a specific message, although that’s just me, as much as I feel it’s an overall message of connectivity and possibility that we’re increasingly activating. I feel how tapped in you are Linda and my sense is that even through our challenges, these are helping us to fine tune our transparency of self to be like radio channels on those old radios…where we tweak the nob and get clearer and clearer.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I would like to check this out. Dr. Daniel Foor is an initiate in the Orisha tradition. I have also had Orisha encounters and healing work within this tradition. I will not be surprised when it comes up again. My connection was initially with Olokun. A Yoruban priest did head rogation on me, gave me a ritual bath, and then did a reading for me that showed that I have a talent with divination (I have not quite cultivated this yet). 💜 Then down the road, a few years later I had another Orisha encounter, another head rogation and more ritual and connection with Obatala.

    Liked by 1 person

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