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Well it seems today is Valentine’s Day again. Instead of my usual cynical Valentine’s  posts,  I am going in a different direction.

Recent pop culture entertainment about love has got me thinking about where my heart and head is regarding romantic love. I saw two romantic comedies recently that gave me pause. I would recommend neither so this is not a review blog. One film had big name stars and the other seemed to be lower budget. The first was about a woman reconnecting with an ex who was about to marry a younger version of herself. The other was about two best friends who hooked up years ago on one occasion. Both films implied that lack of communication and awareness led to poor choices. Both resulted in storybook endings which were rather predictable.

While I would not suggest you take in either of these mediocre offerings, I am glad I saw them. The leading man of one film said the plot reminded him of his own life. That was deep. It is also deep that this actor seems to prefer Scorpio women. He dated Brittany Murphy, married Demi Moore, and left her for longtime friend Mila Kunis.  The other film highlighted the Pacific Northwest which reminded me of someone I once knew. Which leads me to a tv interview I also saw a few days ago…

Nick and Vanessa Lachey host the show Love is Blind. They discussed why this show is different that others in this genre. It reminds me of Married at First Sight, but I have never seen Love is Blind.  Later in the interview they shared a bit of their own love story. They met around the time Nick’s marriage was ending. They worked together a few times. Something clicked. Vanessa then said ” He told me we have the same birthday. Then they got married.

The astrologer in me knew Nick is a Scorpio but I did not know his chart. I looked up both their birthdays and he is 9 years older. The share the same birthday, November 9th. If you turn 9 upside down you get 6. Then it becomes my birthday, November 6th!  Which reminds me of a man I once knew who returned to Philly after living in the Pacific Northwest. He is 7 years older and we share the same birthday.

All this Scorpio madness got me thinking about where am I going with love. I decided a few years ago that I am staying alive to be of service. That would be my mission. It is happening. I am fortunate to work with people who I can serve. I love my role and I do it well.  Spirit often guides me in my work. Some would call it channeling. I am certain I have played this part before. I am glad I can serve in this way.  Other than this, my life is pretty simple, and singular.

I concluded to stop pursuing romance  because I suck at it. Please don’t tell the couples I counsel that I suck at relationships. Actually that could be why I seem to doing well with the couples I see. I am better at teaching than doing, as the saying goes.

I am also better at friendship but I want more now. Having a loving connection would make me a better servant and human. While I cannot prove this is true, it is a hunch I cannot seem to shake. public domain

The last few card readings I have done for myself strongly point to romance. This got my attention because of the frequency. I could say I am too old, but it is a lie. I had thought I was too old when I was much younger and I was mistaken, looking back on it now.

So rather than wax poetic about all the poor choices and drama, I will share in a new way. Tonight I will create an affirmation of what I received from a few past partners. There was something meaningful left for me from every man that crossed my path.

One ex was artistic and made me some things. I still have a Grateful Dead inspired ashtray that is colorful and vibrant. He was a great friend even when the romance ended. I called him so many times with car problems and he would show up and fix my car. Many people would not be so kind. He may not have been right for me but he was a reliable friend.

Here are some other examples of momentos : An unique antique pin from a man who lacked commitment but wanted to ” pin me “, choosing a Saturnian stone, Onyx surrounded by Marcasite. He didn’t know how spot- on he was, giving a gift indicative of a Cap rising’s taste. Another man was with me briefly but I still have a very cool figurine and unusual ring box. It once contained the most gorgeous opal ring. That’s a story perhaps for another time. He also left me with a clearer understanding of the Quantum. He did not have a history of dating astrologers but had a large tattoo on his chest of a dark haired woman with the words Astrology Woman. I don’t recall why he got it but I want to mention that his tattoo preceded his knowing me and that I have dark hair. I wrote before about the portrait on an envelope drawn by an established artist. For those keeping score, the first man is Aquarian, Aries moon, the next a Pisces , Cap Rising, Scorp moon, The next Cap sun, Leo Moon and the envelope guy has a Cap sun. I have come to see that Venus in Sag in my 10th being angular and with Sag’s ruler Jupiter in Capricorn leads to all the Saturn drama. This conclusion is not the obvious one, but it might explain why I meet so many who fit this archetype in some form.

For many of these alliances, music left an indelible mark. A few played guitar, many took me to concerts, and even more would teach me about music. One left me most of his vinyl collection ( which I still have in my possession. ) One man’s memory could be found in a Dylan song. Another man was patient while I played Bob Dylan for him hours on end. It was not his style but he indulged me. The man I call James on this site was a talented musician who played around  the globe as a young man. He gave me the gift of unconditional love and knowingness that only Neptune Venus synastry can deliver. he also unleashed parts of my younger, freer self in the process.  ” Birthday boy ” showered me with unbridled exuberance and fire. Thank god for that Aries Ascendant that made him show his hand despite himself. When you keep hanging with the more serious, private types, a bit of Aries can breathe life into a double Scorpio ( Sun, moon) who wanted to protect his heart. Many could cook really well, which made an impression on me. One dude showed me his chart prior to hooking up in his apartment. His ex was an astrologer so he knew the drill, lol! BTW, this Leo sun, Aquarius moon with Neptune in Scorpio squaring both luminaries was such a strong draw for me. We didn’t last but I truly believe we were meant to be. From the first time I saw him, I was smitten. I knew something remarkable was in place. Sometimes knowing or feeling is not a sign of enduring love, but it is a sign of destiny. Well, it used to be. Not so sure about this NOW moment, but….

I am not sure if my fulfilled my task here but I tried. I have not been blessed with commitment or longevity in the traditional sense, but I have known love. I want to feel it again, now, or soon. If I have let go and forgiven sufficiently, I think I have a shot.  We’ll see.

I am ending this all with a video, a dedication to love. The song is The Sweetest Thing featuring Bono. He and I have fine synastry with his Taurus sun, Scorpio moon, and Cap rising checking off the boxes. His essence is very familiar to me. I could write a dissertation on moon in Scorpio men. However it is not necessary because he has written hundreds of songs that cover this topic quite nicely.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

4 comments on “The Sweetest Thing

  1. Dalo 2013 says:

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Linda. There is something strange about V-Day and concept of love… which is why I love diving into music. A wonderful video to include at the end 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks so much for sharing her Randall. I really like U2 and this video goes well with the song.


  2. Sometimes when we let go of expectations of love… We allow space for new relationships to flow in… Often it comes from the most unexpected directions…. I have seen this happen to several of my friends… Also those who give up hope of ever becoming pregnant…. Who have spent years trying.. Once they release the desire of WANTING …. Then they become pregnant..
    Sending LOVE dear Linda… ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks for the good advice here Sue. I don’t have an overarching desire or need, it is more of a decision to be open.

      Liked by 1 person

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