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Ego trip

A friend sent me a link to this video,  ReBirth of the Ego – Self  by unASLEEP . While in the midst of watching , I knew this powerful material would be included in a future post.



This video shook me to my core so I had to share it with you. The gentle female voice questions the notion that one’s ego is your enemy and needs to be quashed. Instead you are invited to make peace with and accept your projected self. What really got me was the comparison of lucid dreaming with awakening of the ego. The synchronicity here is palpable. I am currently in two dream groups and am specifically studying lucid dreaming. My experiences as a lucid dreamer is what has reignited my passion for dream work. When the video began to discuss lucid dreaming, I instantly knew that the message about reintegration of the ego was meant for me to explore.

litebeing chronicles 2013

eternal tree by © litebeing chronicles 2013


Here’s some questions to ponder:

Does the term ego resonate with you personally?

Is ego destruction a viable goal towards enlightenment?

What purpose does your ego serve in your life?

Have you ever had a lucid dream?

How has lucid dreaming impacted your waking life?


24 comments on “Ego trip

  1. shreejacob says:

    Hey Linda! I really liked the video and you know, I agree with what she said, because it is true. The Ego is a part of us and we shouldn’t suppress him! I’ve never had a lucid dream before though so I’m still figuring out how to have a relationship with my ego 🙂
    There was some thing else that I wanted to add…something to do with our minds and the voices in our heads….but I can’t remember it 😦
    Nvm…when I do, I’ll let you know! 😀

    Thanks so much for sharing it 🙂


    1. Hi Shree,
      Glad to share it with you. I am in love with her voice, it kept me focusing instead of drifting off…

      I am inclined to think that we ought to embrace everything that is part of us. I hope you have a chance to dream lucidly. They can be very empowering, fascinating dreams!


      1. shreejacob says:

        Thanks Linda! I still have hope that I will 😉


  2. amberskyef says:

    I think there is nothing wrong with the ego, so long as it is used for greater purposes, as in good. When I was depressed I had plenty of lucid dreams. Surprisingly they were never nightmarish. They were always beautiful. Perhaps it was my mind trying to remind me that in spite of how I felt, life could be incredibly beautiful, hence my experience with lucid dreaming.


    1. thanks Amber,
      most people describe lucidity as uplifting, empowering, and full of fantasy. glad they provided comfort and respite for you.


  3. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!


    1. glad you enjoyed your visit! don’t forget to pick up your Best Moment Award before you leave 🙂


  4. Love your use of metaphors here. Duality definitely is at play in the relationship between ego mind and universal mind. Its one of those topics I love to chew on, metaphorically of course 😉


  5. TamrahJo says:

    I’ve often pondered about how destructive the Dualistic view is and how it seems to be the bedrock upon which Western society was built – I find myself acknowledging dualism within my own description of my reality, easing it into a more cohesive story, only to find another example of Dualism poking it’s head up, asking, “Here, now, what do you think you are doing?”
    I sometimes wonder, will I ever manage to transform the wall running through the middle of dualistic moi into a nice, fragrant little hedgerow that can be seen and stepped over?


  6. where “ego”, “I” go


    1. thank you for your very accurate and succinct statement Eddie


  7. OMG Linda this is a loaded topic that I have studied in various systems, yet as you know, I don’t have the time to get into it at present, but my conclusion is pretty much inline with what you said.
    The ego needs to be cleaned, healed, loved and put in its proper place, integrated yes, but not controlling our being which is whom should be moving the vehicle as I see it.


    1. Hi blue,
      I had a dream last night about control and driving a car. what is so interesting is I didn’t think about driving and the ego until Indrajit mentioned it in his comment above. I plan to learn more about the different perspectives. thank you for sharing yours with me .

      peace, litebeing


  8. a complex concept indeed. killing the ego scares odie… almost as much as it scares me…. we are old enough to admit that.
    happy sunday linda llite!
    hugs, o and om. egos still intact and somewhat in charge of our higher selves…


    1. hey o and om, always a treat when you pay a visit! this topic is complex and every so often a teacher emerges that helps by spoon-feeding the message past my rational mind and to the appropriate location. glad you are both somewhat awake “at the wheel” and hopefully enjoying this post-ecliptic Sunday.

      peace, love, and catnip, linda


      1. we hung on through the “funky” weekend. did our best to keep the wheel straight. thats not easy to do after a few rum and cokes, no lime. when not inundated like pirates on shore leave (all metaphorical talk of course) we were spiritual “boozed” with the energy of the eclipse. waht a whoppper.
        how did you and dex manage the shifting tides of energy?
        hugs. and back at the wheel with clarity,
        o and om.


      2. metaphorical talk of course – yea, that’s what they all say!

        The eclipse is still in full force, as far as I’m concerned. It hits my Neptune Sun Mercury stellium in the house of higher education and all things Jupiter, so I am hoping perhaps a publishing deal may find me. Since dex’s birthday is unknown ( he knows it, but is keeping it under wraps) I am not sure where the metaphorical bodies in his chart have been buried. He seems a bit more reclusive, but his appetite still rivals that of any longshoreman worth his salt!

        – why no lime?

        keep the wheel steady and those amazing landscapes aplenty!

        love , linda and the dexter


  9. Beautiful video, attractive totemic mural, wonderful questions – thanks too for posing the question – i kind of agree with what she says, except that there appears to be a difference in the definitions – when she keeps saying you , what does she mean – when she says you, to me it sounds like my innermost being, for me, the concept of the eternal soul to whom i am playing host in this body – the I as host is the ego self – the ego-personality-body self has not to be condemned or denied, after all it is the vehicle in which the soul rides – cant trash my car even if it makes a sound and rumbles – need it to move on this planet, this material world, must keep it in shiop shape and if possible improve it, refine it,make it run better – so no trashing the ego/body/personality which does not actually reflect me who am perfect and eternal but certainly i shall try to make it in stages match my perfection – the term ego is also misused in definitions – the ego that produces our identity is welcome and necessary, actually here by ego we are referring to personality – but when we use the word to denote unwarranted pride, selfishness, greed etc then that ego needs to be got rid of and when we talk of ridding ourselves of ego it is in that sense – sorry for the length of the comment – at least that is what i believe.


    1. thank you for your appreciation of the post and your comments. In my book, a comment can never be too long in service to furthering the conversation. I agree that she is referring to our soul, or higher self when she uses the term “you”. I really like how you used a car metaphorically here; it gave me some insight into my relationship with my vehicle! Please visit again, I welcome your feedback.



  10. I love that video. Ego is indeed indispensable but it must be in dialogue with our higher self, with the oneness that is all.
    I have had a lucid dream once or twice but I would love to have more. But I often feel like in a dream when I am awake. 😉


    1. I am relieved to finally hear that the ego does not need to be annihilated, but lovingly redirected. Your remark about waking life feeling dreamlike is intriguing. I took the Progoff method journaling course a while back and the instructor encouraged finding symbolism while in a daydream like state. For those of us that are symbolically inclined, it seems natural to straddle both worlds!


      1. renatembell says:

        Yes, I agree with Monica. Many are taught to ‘kill the ego’ or ‘destroy the ego’. The ego is just as much a part of the Divine Plan as our spiritual essence. It is my understanding from my spiritual/meditation teacher and my own reading, that as we make further progress along the spiritual path, deepening our meditation practice, and raising our consciousness/our awareness, we eventually encounter and gain union (samadhi) with the Soul. Once we are able to merge, at will, with the Soul, it can then begin building the bridge (antakarana) to the Monad, our higher form of being/consciousness at the top of the Transplanetary realm, which then guides us to the Cosmic realm or the Astral Soul. That was a mouthful. The point is, the more one opens to greater awareness and merges with the Soul, the ego and personality gradually become more and more “overshadowed” by the guiding light and intuition of the Soul (which can take lifetimes to achieve), the more cooperative the ego becomes and it is seen and used for what it truly is, an instrument to fulfill the Soul’s purpose.
        The first lucid dream I had was back in June 1988. So fascinating, I ended up creating an oil painting of the scene. I have had only a few since, and would also enjoy experiencing more!
        Great post! And thank you for directing me to it. I would’ve missed it!


      2. thank you Renate for your insightful commentary. In many ways my clinical training has left an impression on my spiritual ideas about the ego’s role in soul evolution. though not a real fan of Freud’s views overall, the concepts of id, ego, and superego remain valid for me as a therapist. however, I really prefer the definition of the ego/personality as an the soul’s instrument or vehicle and I also feel that the actual existence of the ego ensures that it has an important purpose in our development. I am eager to learn much more about this and am grateful for your wisdom to draw from.

        Do you still have the painting? it might be cool to create a post around it! I have had about 20 lucid dreams over my lifetime. Now I am looking at utilizing them in a more meaningful way.

        love, Linda


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