Introducing Libertine Chronicles

Hey litebeings, or should I say libertines?

I was using my random post oracle to review some old posts during this Mercury retrograde season. I landed on Ego trip from 2013 and began watching the video. It was an excellent take on the ego and still holds up well today. You know how at the end of a YouTube video other video choices appear on the screen? Well I saw some very interesting options. One was a Matt Kahn video and the other was a video by The Libertine Chronicles. Sounds familiar, right?

What is the Libertine Chronicles? 

It is the name of a video series by unASLEEP. unASLEEP is the creator of the video on  relationship with ego that was featured on the Ego Trip post.

Libertine and litebeing are almost the same word, just substitute an R for a G and voila we go from lite to liberation! I found the similarity uncanny. What are the odds?

This synchronicity really got my attention so I watched the first video on intention:


Please watch and let me know what you think. I continually am astounded at the rate and intensity of synchronicity in my life. I felt compelled to share this here. I plan to watch more of the series and see where it leads.

Give me liberty, liberation, and lite for all beings!

5 thoughts on “Introducing Libertine Chronicles

  1. Many thanks for this share Linda… I have saved to watch later, it sounds an interesting series to listen to…
    I love the way synchronisities work .. And smile at how the Universe plays with us as we learn to keep reading the ‘Signs’ 🙂 Hugs xxx

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    1. Hi Sue,
      I plan to also go back and view more of these videos. I tend to over-commit to these activities, but when the time is right.

      Could not overlook the message here, almost the same name. I would have been quite a fool not to have noticed!

      hugs back

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