Colon – artistry ~ The Reveal


So glad I hesitated in interpreting my healing art.  Frankly, I did not feel ready to take this on. But today I am ready and eager to share some insights. You can read about what prompted this process here.

Initially my process was to start in the middle and work my way out, mandala style. The dark red inner circle did represent the highly inflamed colon region. Upon closer inspection a few days ago, I came away with a fresh perspective. The red circle is the top of my head and I am wrapped with quilts/snakes all around my physical body. I am both attempting at breaking free to reach the tranquil natural beauty in the upper right hand corner, while also keeping warm and cozy within my partial cocoon.


With Dexter gone, the months have been lonely. As the fall came and went, some cold temperatures began to reach my corner of the planet. Huddled in my bathrobe, I feel safe and cozy. Bathrobes, flannel sheets, patchwork quilts, warm lattes and tea; they provide a vehicle towards a state of self-soothing. Self-soothing is a psychological term which basically describes a person’s desire to re-parent themselves and form a healthy attachment. When someone encounters some type of setback, they often appear to regress. Regression is really a matter of perspective though. I need to keep myself safe and warm during a time of uncertainty and change.

And yet, there is a part of me that longs to break free and maintain a sense of vitality and exuberance. I shared my birthday intention to be playful and lively on my time machine challenge post. You can read more about that here. I do not have to act my chronological age. I do not have to decide that ” I had my chance.” I better understand the old saying that youth is wasted on the young. For myself, that means that a healthy young body could be better utilized by a seasoned, wise, spirit.

110 West 80 St-4R, NY, NY 10024

So am I being strangled by a snake or nurtured by a quilt blanket? Am I whirling around wearing a protective garment or am I fighting my way out of a suffocating barrier to peace and joy? Or is it some type of compromise between security and freedom? I am not clear on this yet.

It is exciting to have been given a brand new vision of my drawing. I feel blessed to have been given this chance to see my healing art in a new light. These struggles I have captured here are not new. The push-pull between freedom and security dramatically plays itself out in my natal chart. Mars in Cancer in the 6th house is in a tight inconjunct aspect to Venus in Sagittarius in the 1oth house. An inconjunct is best explained as 2 people standing apart from one another. As they come closer to meet, they pass by each other and fail to connect.  While I love my freedom and untethered lifestyle, I also desire safety, nurturing, and somewhere to settle down. There lies the rub.

110 West 80 St-4R, NY, NY 10024

Feel free to offer your interpretations and insights, but do not attempt to put me in a box. After a few days in the hospital, I do not have the stomach for it now ( pun intended)! I am very interested in learning if my analysis resonates for others and am open to hearing additional ideas that may further my healing and evolution.


image credits ~ all images except the first drawing courtesy of, public domain

12 thoughts on “Colon – artistry ~ The Reveal

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  2. Just sharing a thought/memory of my past, that came to me while reading your post – your’s to use or discard as you deem fit for you – 🙂

    “Why is it always either/or with you and not ever both/and” followed by my startled, reply:

    “? To me, until I decide what ‘it’ means, and act upon that, I’ll never know for sure if that was the whole story, or an interesting detour that led me back to determining other layers – I just like to pick my favorite story, adopt it, take it out for a test spin, and if I don’t like it? Well, I don’t have to buy the test-drive model – ” – LOL

    I guess, to me, it could both/and – for my money, I always go with whichever story seems to work best, and willy-nilly trade ’em in for a new model whenever I decide the old one just ain’t getting me from A to B like I wish to travel – 🙂 [hugs] and kudos on excellent post!

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    1. Thanks for the healing Sue. I am continuously working on shifting to self-love. So often the thoughts are subtle and unnoticed. I keep shifting back to a place of love and trust.

      xo Linda


  3. That is interesting. Thanks for sharing. I have never thought about that paintings can be interpreted in that way.
    Security vs freedom sounds much better than being strangled by a snake.
    I like the idea of being comforted and cuddled into a blanked. That also makes much sense in combination with the loss of Dexter.
    I wish you a speedy recovery.

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  4. Hi Linda,

    One thing I love about this is how one drawing you made can evolve in its meaning for you to keep pace with your living. There is something amazing in that for me. It just speaks to the many layers that emerge from us whenever we create something, like your healing sketch. Perhaps it had the entire healing process mapped in that one moment.

    Security and freedom are themes we all wrestle with I think. Like your sketch, depending on our interpretation of what these words mean, they can seem to balance one another. Too much freedom could lead to situations that are not entirely secure for instance. But another interpretation might be that true freedom and true security are somehow realized together.

    That would be seeing the world at a different level almost. In the acceptance of our eternal/invulnerable nature, we find a type of security the world cannot give us. And then the challenge is how to apply this interpretation to the sketches of our lives. Can we find an interpretation that allows the present to reconcile with this view?

    Wishing you wellness and grace,

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  5. Your interpretation sounds good. I tend to think everyone interprets their own life best — even if you wind up realizing in hindsight that the original interpretation was a dodge of the real issue, that first thought tells you something.
    I so agree that a healthy body can be enjoyed and used better by someone older. I’m so pleased that coping with my muscles issues has actually brought me to my sixties with a much better, more flexible, stronger body than I used to have. When I finish this last stage of healing, I’m looking forward to enjoying the good health with my “old” wisdom. Sounds like you will too!

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