The Jury is Still Out

UPDATE 2-27-16: I was excused from jury duty.

This is a short blog dedicated to a new swirl of psychic activity. Nothing seems to be driving this train, like intention or visualization. This is a teeny tiny occurrence, but meaningful all the same. This Fire Monkey New Moon event may be responsible for some internal rewiring. We shall see…

I do not recall what even triggered this thought. I was sitting on my bed, thinking and musing, per usual. I became aware that it has been years since I was called to serve on a jury. I began to wonder why there has not been a summons in about ten years. I thought it may have to do with leaving City government in 2006. I had the thoughts and then moved on to the next thing., public domain

SIDEBAR: In classic litebeing fashion, I quickly scanned the image, ignoring the details. This summons is for Philadelphia. Huh? It was downloaded online, not my personal summons. The synchrony train continues : choo choo !

What do you think appeared in the mailbox on Friday? A jury summons! All I can say is OMG! Between this event and the pre-cognitive death dream, I sense that my third eye is opening up at a faster clip. It is so interesting that neither of these occurrences were a result of any practice or exercise. I am not interested in jury duty and I was not focused ( at least consciously) on my mother’s friend Ann. Maybe these experiences have been orchestrated simply to get my attention.

Mission accomplished!



I am wondering if going to jury duty may trigger some interesting chain of events. I guess there is one way to find out. This is definitely a Saturn in Sag development. Saturn being government and Sag representing the legal system. The location of the court would bring me back to City Hall, not far from where I worked for close to 20 years. Ambivalence prevails. This pending full moon closely aspects my MC/IC axis, not to mention my Pluto. Since the full moon occurs tomorrow, it is likely that a preference will surface.  Like Scarlett O ‘Hara famously once said, ” I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

Have you noticed a recent uptick in psychic ability?

How about a surge in dream recall or telepathy?

Do tell!

image credits ~, public domain

13 thoughts on “The Jury is Still Out

  1. Theanne aka magnoliamoonpie

    My dear litebeing…I will not be mentioning the “J” word…the last time I sat was sometime in 1990 or 1991. It was a horrendous affair where a son may or may not have bashed his mother in the side of the head with a hammer.

    I did however have a perfectly wonderful dream last night/this morning about Don and a house it appeared we were purchasing 🙂 It was way out in the country with lots of grass, trees, 3 acres of land and interaction with the man we were buying it from 🙂

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    1. Hi Theanne,
      It is always lovely to hear from you. I asked to be excused from duty and am waiting to hear back. Your dream sounds wonderful and expansive. BTW, I have really been enjoying your latest artistic projects 🙂


  2. I’ve been finding myself very overwhelmed by the multitude of connections that seem to come flying in at ever faster clip – and, in communications with others, that I confide in over my angst/fear of overloaded circuits, even while trying to put a positive spin on my observations, I find that the more I say, “See here? this is what it looks like when moi goes off the deep-end” – and yet, the feedback so far has been, ‘what are you talking about? I hear ya! I’ve often wondered about that insane way of doing things, too!” – Starting to think the universe is saying, “We ain’t leavin’ ya alone till you get your durn new site launched AND, btw, think you could update your blog? Sheesh! You haven’t changed themes in over 5 years! ” – LOL

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  3. Loved the synchronisity Linda.. and I wrote a post today and described an event for a future posting along these lines of what we think then turn up 🙂 Seems these energies are ramping up a few revs 🙂
    And I am pleased you are in sinc with them 🙂 xxx

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  4. I have a ton of change in the telepathy department. I feel like my heart is my new transmitter and receiver. Such a powerful means of communication!

    As for psychic ability I would have to say mine is the same but maybe a little more. Similar to your’s here. I will sense something, like an odd idea or fact will pop into my head, and then it will manifest somewhere in the next day or so.

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