In Plein Air

Is it just me or is time racing by with a vengeance? We have a second Sag full moon, the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere ( Happy Winter to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere) and Father’s day, all within 24 hours or less of one another.

This brings up plenty of stuff for me. Beginnings and endings, light and dark, knowledge and wisdom, fathers and daughters, presence and uncertainty.

Let’s begin with a touch of grace. Last Sunday I decided to have a brief stroll down Germantown Avenue to take in the Plein Air competition. Plein air is associated with the open air painting style found in French Impressionism. I live very close to the Garden district but rarely feel drawn to aimlessly wander up and down the avenue. But this event has a Parisian feel to it, so I figured why not?

After a healthy lunch, I begin walking up hill, on the lookout for artists doing their thing. Without notice , it hits me. I feel so different ; it is so pleasant and yet very unfamiliar. I was relaxed. I was at peace. My mind had slowed down on its own and my anxiety had washed away. I was able to be present without effort. My authentic self surfaced as I made conversation with the artists and felt the gentle breeze. It was a slice of heaven on Earth.

I intend to enter this space more often. When I am fully engaged, I am less likely to ruminate or obsess. I can align with whatever arises and be in the flow. Simple pleasures do abound. Sometimes an attitude adjustment is required, other times, Grace is at hand.

I do not have my father on Earth anymore, and I never liked celebrating Father’s Day. At least, I do not have any memories of enjoying it. So many people grow up without fathers or have poor relationships with their dads. Parenting and nurturing are so crucial in our society. I have made much headway in forgiving my father. He was a flawed person who had a troubled life. But he did not leave my mother and  he always put food on the table. I have less anger and resentment in my heart. This is progress.

The song Daughters came to me while thinking about this post. My brother-in-law is a great dad to his two daughters. My nieces are really blessed in this way and it will help them grow into womanhood with confidence and strength.

To all the dads and future dads out there, take a listen and pay attention. You are capable of so much potentially.

Wishing all my readers the brightest of days and the sweetest of dreams.

image credit ~, public domain

20 thoughts on “In Plein Air

  1. I loved the description..of how you felt ease..calm. It was weird because I could just feel it too 🙂 My dad was I guess a good dad..but I feel he wasn’t really a very good husband..and that too can have its effect on the kids. Love the’s got a good message 🙂 Hugs

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    1. It is cool that you could feel my experience vicariously. That is one goal for my writing, that the reader can be transported! You are correct that what happens in a marriage effects the entire family. hugs back 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Last week I went to In Plein Air again and threw out my back. Go figure! As I contemplate John Mayer’s role in the Grateful Dead 2.0 version, I am reminded how much his song Daughters resonates for me. This is for all the fathers and children ( and adult children). Happy Father’s Day! PS I will be back soon with new content, please be patient 🙂


  3. I am so pleased you are feeling less anxious Linda.. This is a wonderful journey we travel down
    as our roads open out in less stress as we breath in the delights of being present.
    I enjoyed my morning walk with your good self as you took in the arts.. 🙂
    Love Sue x

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  4. I loved the lines that Karin did, Linda. I loved tagging along with you while the anxiety faded and you felt alive in the moment, headed into a field of art and light and being. There really does seem to have been a lot going on, but it feels like it is moving us towards openings or something. Like it’s a challenge, but not a purposeless one… Hope you are able to carry that expansive feeling with you wherever you go, my friend!


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    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for going along with me on this cosmic stroll. Life on the outside is such a mystery and I am so grateful for the openings. I think I prefer the spontaneous ones best. I wish you peace and grace to infinity.

      peace, Linda

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  5. “Without notice , it hits me. I feel so different ; it is so pleasant and yet very unfamiliar. I was relaxed. I was at peace. My mind had slowed down on its own and my anxiety had washed away. I was able to be present without effort.”
    That sounds wonderful and inspiring.

    Also congratulations on being able to keep less resentment in you towards your father. I think being able to forgive is damn hard to achieve and it is wonderful when one can manage to get there.

    I love the impressionist painting.


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    1. Hi Karin,

      It was magical and also natural in a way. Seems like this particular way of being is “baseline” and fear, anxiety, powerlessness, resentment, etc are covering up what happens in other dimensions. I struggle with forgiveness, but my medium session has helped move me forward.

      hugs, Linda

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