September Splash

Re-Write Your Story

I wrote these words on the easel in my office on my very last day of work. I used them as inspiration for an exercise I concocted for the Pick Up The Pieces group I ran every Wednesday afternoon. This group was designed for adolescents and young adults who wanted to find their way back to living, not simply existing as mental health consumers. The purpose was to nurture one’s resilience and find a path forward.  It was my baby and I worked very hard to bring this concept to life. It was exciting to witness positive changes in the group members and the group was creating quite a buzz in my program. It gave me a reason to get up in the morning and I miss it terribly.

I had the participants jot down an event that they found to be upsetting with a very negative outcome. Their task was to re-write the story and imagine a new, positive ending. I could tell they found this exercise challenging, but they prevailed and began to write.  They were to return next Wednesday to discuss their revised stories. I was not there the following Wednesday to find out how their events were re-imagined, but I get to revise my own narrative.

My dear friend and  fellow bloggette Sue suggested a few weeks ago that I re-imagine my Colonodyssey  piece to re-vitalize my energy. She thought it would be healing for me to move on from that episode and I agreed.  It seemed like a great idea, but I was not ready at the time. Then inspiration finally hit! September has arrived with cold, rainy might, announcing a change of the energies in a dramatic way. Where was Summer, I wonder? This pronounced change may have aided my ability to begin a new project.  I have just started drawing this evening and the process of conceptualization has altered my mood quite noticeably. Seeing some lovely images of the Grand Canyon on TV and in print have left me wanting more. The bold colors and contrasts, not to mention how the light bounced off the rock and water, all did their part. That yearning to feel awe and majesty has led me to begin my interpretation of one of Gaia’s natural spectacles. I have a hunch the Grand Canyon will be a significant symbol in my evolution.

This post is to coax me to continue creating and remembering that life is creation. Change is not an enemy, but an ally that sustains the material experience.  At least, that is what I am telling myself. And I know I can change my thoughts. Afterall, what have I been telling my clients for years?

I feel sad that my group could not continue and that my connections with my clients have been severed. But I cannot ignore the fact that I decided to declare Re-write Your Story on my very last day of work, not knowing that it would be the final words left as my swan song. This is significant to me; I feel it deep in my bones.

September has made a splash and I am excited to see where it takes me.

How about you?


Here is the inspiration for my group’s title:


UPDATE: Guess what I found on the front page of Sunday’s newspaper?



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8 thoughts on “September Splash

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  2. This post is wonderful to read Linda, and so loved this sentence

    “This post is to coax me to continue creating and remembering that life is creation. Change is not an enemy, but an ally that sustains the material experience. ”

    So true.. And Change is constantly moulding us to adapt and alter to go within her new flows of creation.. Something I myself have been sitting with over the last few weeks as I ponder upon my new direction..
    Sending LoVE and Lots of HUGS your way and I know another hurdle you have jumped over in your own inner healing process..

    Love and Blessings Sue xx ❤

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    1. The tests continue, but I am still afloat. I have begun the art project and will take my time with it. I really am glad to have you support me. It is so clear that you care and we are all fortunate to have you in our orbit.

      love, Linda

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  3. I 💕 this so much! So many of my friends are experiencing a new beginning at this time. It’s exciting, thrilling and a bit scary all at the same time. I, for one, have never been so hopeful – for both of us! 😃🎉

    C ❤️

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  4. That sounds like an inspiring suggestion, to rewrite one’s story. I have read a story of Mary Deioma of how she rewrote a part of her story. She said that she had another timeline available after this. I found it intriguing that this really seemed to work.
    Let us know how it works out for you.

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    1. Thanks Karin. I don’t know how well the group participants fared, but I think it is time for most of us to do some rewrites. As a Scorpio type, reinvention is in my DNA, but that does not make it easy to discard the aspects that have been hard-wired so intensely and consistently. Still worth pursuing, even if it is uncomfortable.

      hugs, Linda

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