Poetry – Grace Everpresent



Where is Grace?

Grace is realizing the car keys are in your other pocket

Grace is when the cop gives you a warning this time

Grace is when the red birds descend on your terrace ” just because”

Grace is when you discover your checkbook error

that you subtracted one hundred dollars by mistake

Grace is when the sky opens and the sun tells the clouds to get lost for a spell

Grace is the neighbor’s cat who snuggles with you after yours has passed away

Grace is the stranger who helps you pick up your groceries off the floor

Grace is the MRI that reveals you don’t have that illness after all

Grace is accepting what is and surviving with renewed hope

Grace is a whole heart after a lifetime of shatters and scars

Grace is a million new beginnings

Grace is finding love way past your prime

Grace is everpresent

© litebeing chronicles 2013


I wrote this poem , or rather this poem wrote me, from a place filled with a mixture of despair, emptiness, hope, and gratitude. Your response has been wonderful and I thank you.  My poetry has always been fueled by intense emotion and manifests only when it is good and ready. Stay tuned for new arrivals in future posts.


bird image courtesy of freerangestock.com
header image by © litebeing chronicles 2013

16 thoughts on “Poetry – Grace Everpresent

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  2. Loved your poem on Grace Linda.
    And yes, often it is only in those times of despair and sadness that something comes along to show us that the grace of gratitude can be found in the simplest of gestures and we find comfort in the knowledge that if we look for grace, it is indeed every-present, all we need do is shift our perception and it’s been at our side all along.. ❤
    Much love dear friend.. ❤

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    1. Just like Dorothy’s power in the Wizard of Oz! I find that I notice more grace when I am open to it and I slow my pace so I can be more present. I wrote this poem years ago, but it still rings true.

      love, Linda ❤

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