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So here’s a quick and dirty tale about an experiment that worked. I needed a miracle and this one came with a twist. I have been watching a few videos on channeling and spiritual guidance. The teacher suggested asking simple questions and waiting for the answer to arrive. She said it often comes in an unusual or unexpected way, but you must ask something. So I thought to myself “okay, I have nothing to lose, why don’t I ask for a sign? ” I decided to ask for a visual image rather than ask a question. Yesterday I wrote down on a notebook to have my spirit guides show me a green butterfly on that day.  It did not happen. I questioned this choice afterwards, wondering if a green butterfly was feasible. I chose that color because I figured it would seem less random if it was an odd color. I see butterfly images often on social media so I wanted this to be more unlikely.

While there was no green butterfly yesterday, I became enthralled with this new Netflix series Unorthodox. It is about a young Hasidic woman who flees from her marriage and religious community. It is quite provocative and I watched most of the series in one day. It was strange to learn I watched part of it out of sequence. I watched the final episode instead of the third episode by mistake. This was really strange, but it happened. I decided not to watch anymore because I knew the ending.

Today was a day filled with symbols. I had very vivid dreams, one which involved multiple cats. I woke up in a good mood, which was a blessing. Later that morning I saw a couple deer outside my window. That was nice. After running errands, I returned home and decided to go back and watch episode three. I am so intrigued by this story and was hoping that seeing the “missing episode” would fill in some blanks for me. Towards the end of the episode, a relative of the protagonist’s husband breaks into an apartment. He moves around room to room. He goes to a bureau to go over some papers. Above the bureau is a fabric wall hanging decorated with butterflies. I was stunned to discover that one of them is green! I paused the show and focused on the butterflies. One was definitely dark green.

So here’s the thing: The guides delivered the goods and that is cool. But what about the delay? I thought I was watching the 3rd episode yesterday and would have seen the green butterfly if I had. I could have gone back and watched it but I chose not to. One could say this story is more interesting this way. I was disappointed when I did not get my answer during the stated timeframe but not surprised. I had few expectations. I considered asking for something new today but did not follow through. If you have any idea why it happened as it did, please reply in the comments. With all that is happening in our world, it was comforting to have confirmation that I am being watched over and my guides are listening. But it was very subtle and a bit confusing. Maybe I will try again tomorrow.

images courtesy of, public domain

6 comments on “Green Butterfly

  1. I smiled while reading Linda.. OH how I used to do this often during my learning days within the SNU training… ( Spiritualist Nation Union ) … Asking for signs then being disappointed…
    Its often not because we are not given them.. But its about our choice to see them or not..
    Often signs do not come as we expect them to come.. They are hidden and it takes work often to untangle them..
    You see Spirit will not do the work for us.. We are all on our own path of Free Will.. Choice, to choose… It takes trust …
    So eventually you do not need proof of Signs…. You just Know… they are there and are being guided… When we follow our gut our instincts , our Heart…
    So had you chosen to to watch your episode you would have seen your butterfly sooner but this also showed you its about choice to see or not to see..
    We all have the choice to detour…. And like Barbara said just seeing any butterfly would have been confirmation..
    WE put ourselves under undue pressure, wanting the i’s dotted and t’s crossed..
    IT all comes down to trust in the end when we connect with guides…
    Our guides are often our own selves.. HIGHER GUIDANCE…
    We are all part of…

    LOTS OF LOVE Linda.. sending hugs your way ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Yes both you and Barbara said similar things about this process. What I tried to explain in my post is that I thought I was watching episode 3 ( after finishing episode 2) but Netlfix played episode 4. Honestly it seemed like it could have been the next installment but when it was over I could tell I skipped one. That is where some of the mystery lies! I know and often get guided without “directly intervening myself” but I seem to lack an ability to dialogue with my guides so I thought it would be fun to do it this way. With my life so incomplete and directionless, I thought it is high time to work more on my communication with Spirit. It may seem “juvenile” but I see it as playful.

      Thanks for taking the time to convey your thoughts in detail.

      Love, Linda ❤


  2. I can answer this because I’ve played this game with myself😃 but IAM not sure you’d believe me as we play these games until we realise we don’t need to play them😂🤣 One thing I will say though is, I loved how the film showed many different coloured butterflies, so really whichever colour you chose would of been confirmed.🧚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      You and Sue gave similar commentary and I will say that this is not the only way I receive guidance. Not sure why I am feeling defensive but I do at this moment. Yes, the wall hanging contained butterflies with many colors but not all colors were represented. I most likely will play this “game ” again as I find it helpful. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s ok to feel everything, we only see ourselves in you and smile. We all go through waves of Awwkening to our truth and seeing signs is one of many. I remember a time when white feathers would come on my path… like one did this morning, nudging me to reply to you and telling you the message each recognised sign meant to me. ‘Are you aware of the choice you just made!’ Signs have helped be live more in the now moment aware of exactly what I’m choosing!
        AND can’t wait to get together with you for my reading❤️ AND I’ll be donating to you as I’m regularly paying forward💃🏼🌈 till soon Linda x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. litebeing says:

        We all do this process in our own way, with unique variations. I most likely picked up judgment, so I felt defensive to that judgment. If someone reads my blog and really gets to see me clearly it is rather clear why I am making certain choices now. I know you mean well Barbara 🙂
        I will address your reading via email.

        namaste, Linda ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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