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Happy Friday from couch central. I have been home for over three months and am finding life stranger and stranger. Today has been challenging. But Tuesday was magickal.

I have noticed old events repeating, which some may label as unpleasant. My car was damaged on the right side a few days ago by a hit and run. Different car, but this happened a few times already ( 2017, 2018). I have injured my toes, first on the right foot, and now on the left. I did a “bang-up job ” on the left pinky toe, all bruised and very painful. Yes, I have done this before, most notably back in 2018. I did it over and over for a few weeks back then.

The fun began this morning as my former manager contacts me to come in next week before my coworkers return to hand in company property and retrieve my stuff. He says he wants me to come in early due to social distancing. The real reason is he does not want me to speak to my colleagues, even though I was laid off and did nothing wrong. Today a neighbor called me ” the craziest neighbor” after I asked him not to walk next to me without a mask.  That stung, but I am not crazy, just conscious. Then I spotted 2 strangers walking around my car and parking lot suspiciously.  These events have sparked old wounds and triggered anger and fear. I feel attacked and I have also inadvertently hurt myself. It is eclipse season, with Merc retro and solstice upon us, but my 5th house of fun is highlighted, ha!



Well, there was some fun on Tuesday. I chose another symbol for Spirit to bring to me : a singing frog. He did not show up on Tuesday. On Wednesday I went to my FB feed and a friend ( who is a psychic) posted she was feeling froggy.  She then posted about frog symbolism.  One meaning of frog is finding opportunities during transition. Yes, that applies.

I commented on her post about my wish to see a singing frog. She then referred me to her profile picture and voila, my singing frog! I did not know about this animated character before. I did dig up this article about the urban meaning of a singing frog.

Here is the definition: A Singing Frog is the occurrence in which your attempt to show someone an ongoing symptom/ issue is squandered due to its coincidental absence. The post gives examples of signs that do not occur when you want to show someone else. It reminds me of why I sometimes write about my cosmic encounters, to document that what I observed really happened.

Which brings me to my little visitor. On Tuesday before the FB encounter, I was returning to my car with groceries feeling stressed. I noticed a tiny grasshopper on the trunk. I was excited and needed proof:

This photo was enlarged for detail, he or she was about 3/4 of an inch, if that. Later I returned to my car once home. I was doubtful but had to check to see if grasshopper( or cricket? ) had ridden home with me. He was still on the car, having traveled towards the passenger mirror. I did not have my phone on hand, but was fine just taking in the moment. I had a passing thought that my car is being protected, that all is well. The projection here is that I desire to be protected. My world does not feel safe and every time I cough, I worry I will get sick.

I realize I have been experiencing woo for decades, but I need to feel connected now more than ever. Over this 3 month period, I  experience loneliness, dread, and anger rising up. The manifestation of animal medicine or the appearance of images suggested as “an experiment” are needed for me to keep going. I need support to keep me from descending into a dark hole, can you see? We all must do what we can to reinforce the drive for self-preservation and to move closer to hope and the light.  May the light of universal love carry us when we cannot walk on our own.


6 comments on “Green Butterfly/Symbols the Sequel

  1. Karin says:

    What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing. How cool that you got to see a singing frog.

    I just read the link about the frog symbolism. There are many interesting stories in the comments where frogs seem to appear out of nowhere in people’s living rooms or bedrooms. They seem to come as a sign. Thanks for sharing that link.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      So glad you enjoyed it Karin! I am currently awaiting 2 more images to appear, for about 2 days now. I am aware I have to be quite observant not to miss them. The singing frog situation was playful and fun. I get songs in my head more often than images. I want to be able to dialogue with guides, not just receive info without a clue as to why. It is less empowering. I am glad the link was interesting. It came directly from my FB friend ( who I once went to a group reading to see with a former blogger Sarah, do you know her? ) Anyway, it is nice to get confirmation on this often lonely path.

      hugs, Linda ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Karin says:

        I am not sure whether I recall correctly who former blogger Sarah was. But I wish you much success with the two more images you want to get as signs from your guides.

        And I also wish you success with having a dialogue with your guides. That would be awesome.

        When I “hear” my guides, it often is like thoughts in my head which I do not think. Meaning that I am not the author of these thoughts. It feels like someone else is thinking (or “talking”) in my head.

        It often occurs at a time when my own mind is rather quiet, for example, in the night at 3 am or so.

        Even though this has been going on since a couple of years now, I am still never really sure whether these thoughts in my mind are from myself or from my guides. I tend to doubt and dismiss them often. I tend to tell myself that I must have made it up. I usually do not rely on this inner dialogue alone. I wait for dreams and signs to confirm what these inner voice keep telling me, just to be sure.

        I hope you will also be able to hear your guides.


        Liked by 1 person

  2. cindy knoke says:

    Love everything! Especially the flutterby. Hope you are doing well my friend. დ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks Cindy, I am doing the best I can . This moment is peaceful. Sending love your way ❤


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