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Retrogrades are excellent opportunities to review past cycles. Sometimes they are also make great times to re-unite. Today I going to do both: review this current eclipse cycle back to 2002 and discuss the reunion of two icons, actress/singer Jennifer Lopez and screenwriter/actor Ben Affleck aka Bennifer.

Approximately every 19 years eclipses will hit the same degrees. We are in the middle of eclipse season right now.  On May 26 we had a lunar eclipse at 5 degrees of Sagittarius and on  June 10th we will have a solar eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini. On those exact dates in 2002 we had the same events except that the solar eclipse was at 20 degrees Gemini. Pretty close though, right?

This is when Bennifer 1.0 happened, sometime in 2002 when both stars were very successful in their careers. It seems that they fell in love while making a film together called Gigli. This film bombed but they went on to do another film together called Jersey Girl.  They were engaged in a high profile way but never married. Both went on to marry and divorce other people. Yet somehow they found themselves back together after they first hooked up 19 years ago.

Their natal charts tell the story:

While JLo’s birthtime is not confirmed, it does not affect the planets in question. Her Venus is at 19 Gemini and her Mars is at 3 Sag. This makes her fickle and freedom loving. Even if she has Libra rising, she does not do relationships well. That Venus is square Pluto in Virgo which can lead to triangles, codependency and jealousy. Venus and Mars are the love and sex planets and both strongly correlate with the 2002/2021 eclipse cycles.

Now let’s look at Ben’s chart:

Ben has Saturn at 18 Gemini and Neptune at 2 degrees Sag, both planets quite close to the eclipse degrees. Again, his chart echoes the 2002/2021 cycle. This Saturn placement can mean fear of open communication ( in his 12th house). Since Neptune is generational I will not interpret it here in the natal. However, Mars conjunct Neptune is not a great synastric ( relationship) aspect for love. It can be associated with deception, escape, betrayal, and confusion) Saturn conjunct Venus ( almost exact) in synastry can lead to  a mature, enduring love.

When I first heard of there reunion, I felt nostalgic. I was a big Affleck fan at the time ( His  Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon are attractive to someone with a Scorpio sun and Leo ruler/descendant). Around the same time JLo and Ja Rule paired up for a song and video that I really liked.  I’m Real   came out around the time I became involved with a coworker who shares my birthday. At this time in late 2001 my ascendant moved from Aries to Taurus. This caused a work scandal that hurt my reputation in the office ( MC). Our bond crashed and burned by the first eclipse. I still like the song though!

Now around the same time Bennifer was reported to be living at the Phoenix, a luxury condominium/retail building across the street from my office. It is interesting that this Scorpio moon couple would take up residence in this Scorpion symbol named building.  I would imagine meeting Ben outside the Phoenix or somewhere on Arch Street and offer to do his chart for him. I never saw them, but held the intention for a few weeks. It is really synchronous that they were living so close to where my romance began. Maybe it has to do with my chart and the eclipse cycle. My MC is at 5 Sag, My moon is at 21 Gemini and my Venus opposes it at 19 Sag. I clearly have an affinity with both of them. My “friend” has Mercury at 0 Sag and Jupiter at 25 Gem. The Jupiter Moon conjunction is a very nice synastry aspect, signaling emotional warmth and generosity. While his chart is not as closely aligned to these eclipses as mine, you can see there is still a connection there.

Fast forwarding to now, I am not in contact with that past romance, nor am I involved with anyone. Nor do I work in Center City Philadelphia. But I am rooting for Bennifer 2.0 as these two talented people have their share of issues. Ben is known to be alcoholic and JLO has been married at least three times! They both have Leo suns and Scorpio moons so at the very least there is emotional resonance. Maybe this will work out, who knows?

As someone who has a history or reuniting with exes. I wish them well.  My moon is definitely triggered though. I am crying over every little thing lately. My MC is also in the mix but not as it was in 2002. I would not want to go back there. Once was enough!

Wishing all of you a blessed Memorial Day in the US and a blessed Monday wherever you are on the Earth plane. ❤

I hope you are keeping it real!

Images courtesy of NASA and, public domain
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