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Summer usually passes quickly and this one is no exception. While I have lamented recently about what I have missed this season ( stone fruits, nature walks, fun friend time, etc) this entry is about what I have gained. I want to practice what I preach and I often preach about turning losses into gains or reframing one’s attitude. I have been ill most of the summer with various GI and upper respiratory ailments and the meds have left me tired and often lethargic. Yet this season brought me ( or I manifested  from Source) a wonderful job. While I am definitely not a workaholic, I derive some purpose from meaningful work. I enjoy talking to others and listening deeply as they share their struggles and joys. It doesn’t hurt either that my intuition is an active partner in my work. Slowly but surely my caseload is growing and I am close to making enough to support myself this month. It is uncanny how so many of my new clients come in with issues that are either my specialty or interest. It is also noteworthy that several clients have the same ( or similar) first name! I have been drawn to learn more about giftedness and have two clients that so happen to be gifted. I feel so fortunate to be able to use my own gifts in helping others, especially during these surreal times.

It is surprising that when I reflect on last summer, I do not remember much about it. I had to review last summer’s blog posts to figure out what was happening. Sadness comes over me when I notice periods of my life lacking  much energy or movement. I do realize it all is part of the natural ebb and flow and that some timelines are more for integration and rest. With Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus this season, my Scorpio  and Aquarius placements and planets are being pummeled with all sorts of challenges. This applies to all with fixed ( Scorp, Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius ) energies in their natal or solar return charts. When you have a heavy emphasis on an element, sign, house placement, or mode, life can be an all or nothing, feast or famine experience. This is definitely true for me.

I am thriving in my new work and learning to set new boundaries and establish new rhythms for myself. I am working part time only, currently from home, and setting my own hours. This feels natural to me and quite empowering. I am also working on my certification as a Grief Counselor. Doing some Ancestral Healing work has solidified my understanding of why I am so drawn to grief. So many people are grieving right now and are looking for answers and support.

I look forward to September and the shift it will bring. But I hope a few peaches, nectarines, and sweet August breezes are still available to me . And perhaps new photos to share with you real soon.

7 comments on “A Summer of Sundays

  1. I am happy for you, Linda. Congrats on your new job and I hope you feel physically better soon, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      thanks Monika ❤


  2. I am so happy for you Linda and you’re finding this lovely flow with your work where things are aligning so beautifully. What a joy it is to do work that is both meaningful and that you love. I love that you’re focusing on the elements of life that you’ve gained. That’s been a go-to for me too, when things are challenging, I find that practicing gratitude really amplifies the gifts. Warmest hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Yes Tania, a recent practice of mine is to allow myself to feel the physical pain or discomfort and still enjoy aspects of my life in the present, rather than sit with worry. It is not a denial of my symptoms but rather a rebalancing of sorts. I feel very fortunate about this work I am doing now and also believe that I deserve to have work without drama and conflict. Knowing what we don’t want or won’t tolerate does not always lead to manifestation, but in my case, working in a looser structure without much outside authority is in alignment with how I function best. Gratitude is a wonderful practice that I also follow daily.

      big hugs, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I completely understand and resonate fully with what you shared here. This is awesome Linda! And it feels so fluid. You indeed deserve that ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Arlene Paul Derozier says:

    I’m glad that you are enjoying your new job, and are feeling fulfilled by helping others. You’ve always been a good listener.
    Your white hydrangea photo is lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      OMG Arlene, you finally made it here, yea!

      Thanks for your kind words. You are always a great listener and god knows how I have bent your ear while back in high school 🙂 There are many hydrangea in the front yard and their beauty keeps me company.


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