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5-18-22 Update: For fans of the tv series This is Us, it is interesting to note that both Joni Mitchell and her song Circle Game figured predominantly in the show’s penultimate episode last night. I loved this episode so much that I saved it so I can view it again. This is Us wonderfully expressed the continuity of time and the synchronicities ( often subtle) that are part of the cosmic web of life.

Happy New Year! If you have been following this blog for awhile, you may recall that I consider the new moon in Aries to be the true new year. This occurred on Saturday and 4 planets are in the mix: Mercury, Sun, Moon, and Chiron. To get a feel for how this event may affect you, take a look at your natal chart to see what placements you have in Aries and what house contains Aries.  With Mercury and Chiron in the mix, I see potential for lots of impulsive thoughts, and missteps, leading to either wounding or healing of others and self. With the ruling planet Mars heading towards Saturn today, I ‘d advise one take their time and engage in tasks that require precision and focus. I have noticed that my energy level has picked up a bit. This is welcome, especially since I am on a “Staycation. ” I have not had any time off since June of 2021, so I am curious how this week will turn out.

This lunation is in my Second house of values and finances, which coincides with tax time here in the US.  With Jupiter and Neptune coming together on April 12th, this is really a jam packed month. With this conjunction, you can  look forward to heightened mystical and creative musings, along with possible miscalculations and illusions. I have found that people with this placement in their birth chart are attempting to grow and lean into their best selves. In my opinion, this can take a long time.

Speaking of time…. I have probably said this before, but it is worth repeating: Time is speeding by so fast that it can be incredibly challenging to notice, yet alone integrate, all the astrological activity. I am often overwhelmed by the flurry of energetic events, experiencing  many as a blurry whirlwind. This idea triggered a connection to Joni Mitchell’s classic Circle Game. The phrase Carousel of Time  is included in the chorus and it conjures up a misleadingly innocent notion of a sweet childhood amusement ride. In reality, it is closer to a modified Ground Hog’s Day experience , where there is an awareness of both repetition and novelty. At least that’s how I see it. With my smartphone and Facebook habitually reminding me of posts and photos from a year ago ( or longer), I often see images and ideas that are on heavy rotation. I could attribute this to the pandemic but I have been aware of this for many years now. Is it cynicism, boredom, or the realization that I have lived and seen so much? I am not sure, honestly.

Speaking of beginnings ( and endings) , I had an odd synch happen recently. After recalling a dream where I am on a ride contemplating my exit points and when is the time to die, I had a rude awakening. A day or so after the dream, I saw  a FB post from my high school group. I had a passing thought ” someone died” , which I quickly dismissed. It turns out I was right. Another classmate has passed on. I knew the name of this classmate but did not really know him. The post included his obituary and I read it through. I was struck to learn that his birthday was just two days after mine and the same year. Many of my classmates were born in 1959 so it was not typical to find someone with my birth year.  Where I was born the cut off age was different for kindergarten so when I moved I was among the youngest in my grade. This classmate also moved to NJ around the same age as me. What is striking is that we were almost astro twins. The boy who lived literally across the street from me had my birthday but was born in 59. We had no connection whatsoever. If I knew the classmate who died, I wonder if we would have been close. One of my best friends in high school was born 4 days after me, another NJ transplant. Even with different moon signs and Ascendants, we were eerily similar. This classmate was an attorney and a true family man. I wonder if he had a full 9th house ( legal matters) like I do? It is jarring to realize that his exit point was at age 61 and he was 2 days younger than I am.

Was my dream a foreshadowing of my discovering his death or of the fact that most of us have no idea when we are leaving?  I had believed that my long life- line assured me of longevity but now I am not so sure. As I continue to recalibrate how best to spend my time on Gaia, it is crystal clear to me that I want to make the most of it. What “the most” means to me varies greatly, but I truly want more authentic connections with others and more travel adventures. More mystical communion would also be lovely.

I recently took some more local photos, seeking the earliest signs of spring. Nature is reflective now of new beginnings, fresh buds, and bright blooms. Happy New Year to you!     Enjoy the gifts of the season and the blessing of incarnation.

Joni  Mitchell’s voice reminds me of a Spring songbird.  Please enjoy her classic, Circle Game.

Carousel images courtesy of pexels. com, publc domain

2 comments on “Carousel of Time

  1. Belated Happy New Year, Linda. I am also glad that Venus has just entered Pisces. Let’s hope for a collective and individual rebirth. Lovely photos! Here Spring has been shy and we have had snow.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      I also enjoy Venus in Pisces, a kinder time. Sorry about the snow where you are. Cheers to peace and rebirth!

      Linda ❤


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