Aries New Moon ~ Same Old Song, But with a Different Twist

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I was sort of psyched to write about this powerfully liberating Aries new moon, but could not get it together. I was too busy having a diverticulitis attack. Fortunately I caught it early and it appears that I am slowly on the mend.  So grateful I could ride this out at home. How I survived without major pain meds is a mystery. But why it happened almost exactly 1 year after my initial attack is less of one.

My initiation into Colonodyssey was April 6, 2015, following a full moon eclipse that highlighted the Uranus Pluto square. April 7, 2016 was a new moon, also showcasing Pluto and Uranus. I wrote all about it here, a post I recently re-blogged to foreshadow my next Colonodyssey installment. Perhaps it was really foreshadowing this next health setback. Who knows anymore?

There is some irony that on both dates I wanted to write about these significant astrological events, but could not push through my resistance. Looking back, it is clear that I knew there was going to be more to the story.

If I did write about this recent new moon, mention of it being the unofficial start of 2016 would be paramount. With Uranus conjunct the new moon, I would have indicated bold, exciting, fresh beginnings. I don’t know about you, but for me nothing feels new. Not yet anyway. Yesterday it snowed in April and I am left wondering if time has stood still or if I can’t trace time ( Changes by David Bowie  reference). I feel like I am stuck in quicksand. By the way, Quicksand is another Bowie song. Couldn’t help myself.

What seems somewhat new is the steady influx of Spirit movement. I had 2 dreams within the span of a few days that warned me about my health, which I chose to discount ( yet again.) One dream included the 911 sequence and the other one referenced pipes needing repair ( I am equating pipes with intestines). I am learning the hard way that minimizing these signals, regardless of dream residue interference, is foolish business.


Another development is the onslaught of strange phone calls I have received  the week following my medium session. According to my caller ID,  I was flooded with unknown callers  from all over the country – all strangers to me, a few days before the reading and the entire week after.  Some days the phone would ring constantly, leaving some hangups on my voicemail. I do not know any of the phone numbers nor am I connected with most of their locations. Last night the calls have seemed to cease. Thank goodness! Seems like Spirit was testing to see if I was paying attention. Sylvia Browne says that the deceased often will make the phone ring in order to communicate. She could be right.

I have had to put any plans on hold once more, and focus clearly on the here and now. This is not fun, but necessary when your world is rocked in a not-very-good way. This is so Uranus Pluto, yet rather old school by this point. When I visited a new GI specialist last Friday, his parting words were ” call us if you have another attack so we can postpone your colonoscopy.” He repeated himself, making his message more pronounced.  I wondered if he was able to predict this outcome, or was it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Truth be told, I have been down this road before; the road where you can drive yourself crazy with half-baked theory and conjecture. I could attempt to explain why I relapsed, but what purpose would be served?

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This is the thing: I do not want to be a victim anymore. I finished watching the latest Matt Kahn video ~ Claim your power, which was about taking the high road in life, aka the Golden Rule. It is a worthwhile lecture, so consider taking a look. He goes on to describe four ego behaviors that can derail you: entitlement, righteousness, neediness, and victimhood. When he got to victimhood, the buzzer went off in my head. He defines it as a belief that everything is conspiring against you. Sound familiar anyone? I had not thought about victimhood this way before, but it fits. I have been valiantly attempting to flip the script to the opposite premise, that the universe is conspiring in my favor. Making an about-face has been haunting me for a good while. It is a real struggle, but worth pursuing anyway. I know it is a better way to live.

But it ain’t easy.

So how has this new moon been treating you?

Is it invigorating and exciting?

Or same old, same old?

Or is it more like the same old song, but with a twist?

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Musings ~ The World is Conspiring in Your Favor

Hello fellow litebeings,
I used my random blog oracle just now and arrived here. This particular post really encapsulates many of the concepts and attitudes that I am currently examining. I invite you all to read again and join in the discussion.


PS: Just visited twitter and today is Ascension Day. Happy Ascension Day!

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UPDATE: As often happens in my world, synchronicity abounds. I just discovered today ( 11-2-14) that my local meetup group is having its monthly Saturday Discussion on Ascension. The leader said they have never covered this topic before and is bringing in a special speaker. If you are local and want to know the details, please email me. I hope to attend and gather more information and engage in some meaningful discussions. I am so grateful that my life is so graced with synchronicity, especially when the big questions come to me without any easy answers!

As a recovering paranoid pessimist, I work very hard to “re-frame” my thoughts and my expectations. This is much easier to for me to do with others in my role as a therapist than for myself. I was raised with the motto ” Never Trust Anybody!” and I began to internalize it early…

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Oh how I love September! The promise of new beginnings, fresh ideas, exciting encounters with future friends …  Much rather go here than discuss how I spent my Summer with Saturn. I am not ready to go there, not yet anyway!


I took these four shots today in my neighborhood.

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I enjoy the contrast  between hot and cool, opening and closing, bright and muted, fragrant and decaying, subtle changes between photo 1 and photo 3 ( can you see the differences between the two? do tell!)

Life is all about contrast and context, isn’t it?


Gotta leave you with a song, an oldie but goodie.

guess the song !