Power Up The Energetic Web

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How has your weekend been? After quite a hectic and somewhat unsettling week, I woke up today with a lingering state of peace. So so grateful…

I have some announcements to share:

Some of you may remember I posted about an online summit on spiritual awakening and spiritual emergency. It was sponsored by Shades of Awakening. It was absolutely delightful hearing from speakers around the globe about how altered states of consciousness often involved experiences that Western society typically labels as psychotic or pathological. Well, through a string of unforseen circumstances I was made aware of an online course given by Emma Bragdon, one of the summit speakers. I am taking the class, which is called How to Effectively Help Someone in Spiritual Emergency, and it begins this Wednesday October 21st. If you are interested in the overlap between shamanic initiation and “mental illness”, this course may be for you. It is part 1 of a 2 part series leading up to a certification to become a Spiritual Emergence Coach. There are still spaces available and I would be delighted to learn alongside of you!

Visit here to learn more.

My pal Barbara over at Memymagnificentself is launching her book and looking for book reviews and interviews on various platforms. I will be interviewing her here and would love some company. Let’s support her in her quest to promote her book and its mission of freedom, unity consciousness and Divine expression.

Check out Barbara’s latest post to join the fun.

Last but not least, the Time Machine Blogging Challenge continues. The response to this series has been excellent. Let’s keep adding more momentum by filling the remaining dates on the roster. I added dates for the end of this month per the requests of some bloggers who needed more time. Time isn’t running out in 5D or above, but here on momma Earth, time is limited and we have 4 more spaces available. They are October  21, 22,  23, and 24. It would be an added bonus to get a representative from Africa and South America. All the other continents are covered save Antarctica!

To learn more about the challenge and read all the fascinating time tales, click here.

I really like the visual notion of our cosmos as an energetic web. It captures the premise of quantum thought and sacred geometry. I fancy the notion that every breath is a chance to light up our collective frequencies and celebrate our interconnectivity. By participating in any or all of the activities I mentioned above, you can make a difference beyond your wildest dreams.


image credit: wikipedia.org, public domain

11 thoughts on “Power Up The Energetic Web

  1. How did your course go Linda? sounds very interesting.. Thanks for the heads up at Barbara’s I need to catch up again with her.. 🙂 along with many others.. 🙂 I cleared my email list the other week of over 1,000 updated posts.. to 89.. it now stands again over 400 ..

    I have so enjoyed my catch up today.. Im off now to eat my evening meal.. Its been a hectic Day..

    Love and Hugs.. Sue xxx ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is still morning here, almost noon. The course is once a week for 5 weeks. The 1st class was awesome and we have students in USA Canada and Europe. It is so energizing to explore a subject I am passionate about with others who feel the same way. Wish it was in person, but there is a live practicum option, so maybe?

      You went through 600 posts in 1 day? There oughta be an award for that, ha! 🙂

      I know these bloggers are lucky to have your loyalty. BTW Barbara’s book is so beautiful and inspiring and bursting with magic. The interview will be fun.

      Enjoy your weekend. xo Linda

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Sarah,
      I am psyched to be taking the course and interviewing Barbara. And the challenge has been so cool, and is still in motion.

      I am excited to share your excitement! It is great to do what I love and be involved in something new. xo Linda

      Liked by 1 person

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