Poetry – Grace Everpresent

I am having a shaky day, in the shadows of a brilliant Solstice Celebration last evening. I am in need of consolation, so I shall use my words to comfort myself. This poem was written during a very dark time and I remember it well.

As a bonus, I am linking to an article I found about Grace. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here is a sample:

Grace is Courage – You are in a state of grace when, during those moments when you can see no way out of a predicament, you know that love will prevail. Even though you may feel afraid, there is so much love in your heart that you know you will not give up. Grace is the warmth in your heart that gives you courage.

Please hold me in your thoughts and prayers as I navigate another challenge that I cannot control or avoid. The only way is through.



Where is Grace?

Grace is realizing the car keys are in your other pocket

Grace is when the cop gives you a warning this time

Grace is when the red birds descend on your terrace ” just because”

Grace is when you discover your checkbook error

that you subtracted one hundred dollars by mistake

Grace is when the sky opens and the sun tells the clouds to get lost for a spell

Grace is the neighbor’s cat who snuggles with you after yours has passed away

Grace is the stranger who helps you pick up your groceries off the floor

Grace is the MRI that reveals you don’t have that illness after all

Grace is accepting what is and surviving with renewed hope

Grace is a whole heart after a lifetime of shatters and scars

Grace is a million new beginnings

Grace is finding love way past your prime

Grace is everpresent

© litebeing chronicles 2013

update (2013) :

I wrote this poem , or rather this poem wrote me, from a place filled with a mixture of despair, emptiness, hope, and gratitude. Your response has been wonderful and I thank you.  My poetry has always been fueled by intense emotion and manifests only when it is good and ready. Stay tuned for new arrivals in future posts.


bird image courtesy of freerangestock.com
header image by © litebeing chronicles 2013

23 thoughts on “Poetry – Grace Everpresent

  1. Lovely, Linda. Sounds like you are already feeling a bit better. I love the concept of grace and it grows on me more and more with each passing year. Maybe it sinks in more, or I become more cognizant of it as time passes, that things were precisely as they were for reasons that in the final telling always prove to be both gentler, sweeter, and more powerful than we once suspected.

    I loved this line in particular, “Grace is a whole heart after a lifetime of shatters and scars” This is it. Grace is turning the corner, and bumping into the sun…

    Hope you have a beautiful and grace-filled holiday season…!
    Much Love

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    1. Hi Michael,

      Grace for me is sporadic, but ever present for my higher self. It is like lightning in a bottle sometimes, definitely defying control or explanation.

      Grace is turning the corner, and bumping into the sun…

      This would be a great line for my poem, if I had thought of it myself 🙂
      It makes a lovely visual.

      My this season be magically peaceful and bountiful in love for you and your family.

      love, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Unfortunately, the awakening journey sucks (at times). But discovering the grace part of it makes even for it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem about how grace shows up in everyday life.
    Hugs and peace,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Karin, it can really suck. It also did before I began to wake up. The difference is that I can usually remind myself that I am never alone and that all is not what it seems.
      I am still new to Grace, but she doesn’t mind 😉

      Hugs, Linda

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