The End of the World As We Know It

Just ‘randomly” deciding to read this evocative post is a synchronous reminder that I will soon be publishing my review of the intriguing film ” Time is Art”.

Dontcha love when that happens?  Enjoy the article and stay tuned!

Winging with Whitehawk’ve mentioned here before that back in the 80’s I relocated to Boulder, Co, and joined the core team that created the global Harmonic Convergence event, as dreamed into manifestation by visionary artist and Mayan “son,” Jose Arguelles.

That was my earliest exposure to Arguelles, and to this day I hold him in a warm heart-space of respect, while also admitting I’ve not yet fully wrapped my mind around his whole cosmology. Still – I luvs me a good visionary 😉

The phrase time is art comes from him. His ideas are evocative and their time for ripening is, I believe, upon us. I’m feeling the higher frequencies and my life is taking a creative upswing. (Body still trying to adjust and doing some complaining about “coming along on the ride,” but the spirit keeps encouraging the biology.)

You with me? Time to shine – like the moon and the…

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3 thoughts on “The End of the World As We Know It

  1. I read it Linda.. And thank you for saying I should.. I enjoyed the read and like you, we both I am sure resonate with the article and understand at a deeper level what why we are witnessing so many changes right now and feeling drawn to withdraw back into our creative sides..
    Many thanks..
    A Time for Art, 🙂 May we each get in tune with our Mother Earth as she guides us, as the Universe continues to send us the Signs.. ❤
    Have a peaceful Sunday Linda..
    Love and Hugs xxx ❤

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    1. Hi Sue,

      I am pleased to hear you enjoyed the article. I liked it because it had a wide range view and also helped me imagine a reconfiguration or our Earth plane. I highly recommend the film Time is Art, which I plan to review on my blog. It can be seen now on Amazon prime, which is cool!

      As an artist, I know that you can transcend time and space while in the creative zone. Surely you have experienced this yourself.

      love and hugs,

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