Sludge Party ~ Neptune Direct

Neptune is not stationing now, but the last few days feels like I am walking in quicksand, so I went through my archives and found the Sludge Party blog. I notice that most activities take tremendous effort, people seem agitated, the roads are filled with detours and construction, and I wake up often not sure what day it is. No Mercury drama or Saturnian drudge to report, just the last few days of Uranus in Aries.

peace out, litebeing

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As an homage to the film Sausage Party, I propose that we name Saturday night’s Neptune station the Sludge Party.

I dreamt last night of being prevented from exiting a train at my stop so I had no choice but to get off at the next stop. While the distance between stops was short, I was transported to another land. It was beautiful , with many waterways and falls. I spotted a pinball arcade and a Wawa ( local unbiquitous convenience store) , but everywhere I wandered, my calls for help were denied. I approached everyone and asked for the name of the town, but no one would answer. I told others I was lost and again, no response. I saw a spectacular pedestrian bridge that was massive. When I awoke I knew this dream was significant. I was reliving a childhood trauma of getting off at the wrong school bus…

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5 thoughts on “Sludge Party ~ Neptune Direct

  1. I hope since you posted this Linda, you feet have not been as stuck in the sludge! 😉 and that you are now feeling the freedom of Spring turning into Summer Delights…

    Did you watch the Royal Wedding, and did you enjoy the Sermon. Such a powerful speech. LOVE and I smiled at his mention of a New Earth.. It sparked lots of debates on the radio here.. All Good may I add.. 🙂
    Happy Days to you Linda..

    Love and Light my friend. ❤

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    1. Hi Sue, The sludge is metaphorical but does persist. Reality feels slow and fast at the same time. Which does not make sense logically, but it does energetically. I loved the speech and was quite surprised by it. As I wrote Barbara Franken, I think he knew his sermon would be watched by millions so he could have a tremendous impact. Maybe he is a lightworker. His use of the term New Earth was not lost on me either.

      love and light,

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      1. 🙂 yes I thought the same thing Linda, His speech was supposed to last only six minutes but went on for 14 minutes, He never looked at his tablet prompt. He was guided to say what he said I am sure of it… While the world sat to listen.. 😀

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