Sludge Party ~ Neptune Direct


As an homage to the film Sausage Party, I propose that we name Saturday night’s Neptune station the Sludge Party.

I dreamt last night of being prevented from exiting a train at my stop so I had no choice but to get off at the next stop. While the distance between stops was short, I was transported to another land. It was beautiful , with many waterways and falls. I spotted a pinball arcade and a Wawa ( local unbiquitous convenience store) , but everywhere I wandered, my calls for help were denied. I approached everyone and asked for the name of the town, but no one would answer. I told others I was lost and again, no response. I saw a spectacular pedestrian bridge that was massive. When I awoke I knew this dream was significant. I was reliving a childhood trauma of getting off at the wrong school bus stop at around age 5 or 6. No one was waiting  for me at my stop and I refused to leave with a neighbor child, because I was certain that her stop was not my home. I was mistaken. A woman found me and took me home and I knew my phone number. I was safely returned home, but this event left a huge scar. In the dream, however, I was an adult who felt ignored and alone. Everything seemed a wee bit out of focus and in ” slow mo.”

Hence the sludge party.


Since I never wrote my David Bowie tribute, I will showcase some of his music here tonight. Bowie was quite Neptunian, with Neptune squaring natal Sun, Mercury, and Mars and a Sun Mars conjunction in the 12th house.  I think he would approve of this linkage. It is cool to note that there is a Bowie asteroid 342843, which sits between my natal sun and Neptune. It is closely conjunct both of them , which surprised and delighted me. David Bowie has been a huge influence on me since my early teens and the recent discovery of his asteroid is lovely validation of my affinity with his essence.

Sludge, quicksand, delusion, subtle innuendo, loss, impostor, stranger, aimlessly wandering, illusion, dreams ~ all trés Neptune.

So here is a semi-random sampling of some of my favorite Bowie performances to accompany us on the hero’s journey across the bridge towards higher consciousness, with a side order of sludge for good measure.




image credits ~ header image:, public domain, butterfly: Josephine Wall

17 thoughts on “Sludge Party ~ Neptune Direct

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  3. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Neptune is not stationing now, but the last few days feels like I am walking in quicksand, so I went through my archives and found the Sludge Party blog. I notice that most activities take tremendous effort, people seem agitated, the roads are filled with detours and construction, and I wake up often not sure what day it is. No Mercury drama or Saturnian drudge to report, just the last few days of Uranus in Aries.

    peace out, litebeing


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    1. Hi Aleya,

      It is interesting to me how my country is perceived and valued or disvalued by those around the world. But it is a catchy song and has more meaning for me now than when it was first released. Glad you enjoyed it.

      ❤ Linda


  6. Sludge party – great idea. I can contribute, but I will bring a lot of mud:-)
    I have been unable to go walking or swimming the last three months and am wondering why that is. A planetary influence? In my mind, the song has been playing, you take my self-control. Is this time about giving up the need for control?
    The dream sounds interesting. I hope that it has contributed to the healing of the childhood scar.

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    1. Hi Karin, bring all the mud you want and see if things settle within the next week. Atleast psychologically and energetically. Neptune dissolves everything, the opposite of form ( Saturn). The dream is so close to my traumatic experience as a child except in my dream no one could help, but in 3D some nice woman rescued me. I must have known my address or phone number but I was quite young and quite lost and vulnerable. In a different time period, I could have been abducted. Lucky it was the 1960s and someone was watching over me.

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