Spring Awakening Part II ~ Embrace Nature’s Splendor

Not everyone is made aware of the beginning of a new cycle or season. Although Uranus is my ruling planet, I do not always notice a personal shift when it enters a new sign. This time I did observe a small but important event that announced this major transit. When Uranus first entered Aries, I bought a new cellphone and it had a camera. I used it to take pictures for this blog ( see photo above). A few weeks ago this old phone started buzzing when I turned it on. Sometimes it did not turn on at all. So after seven years I replaced my trusty blue not-so smart phone ( see photo below).

With many reservations, I opted for a smart phone. While I do not want to be a slave to conformity, I relished the notion of a higher quality camera.  I still keep the phone off most of the time. Here is a pic taken with my new phone:

      Some of the flowers resemble butterflies, don’t cha think?

So in my life, replacing my phone with superior technology coincided with the Uranus transit. I will be very pleased when it actually exits my 2nd house of money and travels to my 3rd house of communication. For now, I will accept that it is still signaling a need to re-calibrate finances. What has changed for you since May 15th?

Spring has really taken off as Uranus moved into earthy Taurus. The long, cold, erratic winter is finally over in the Northern Hemisphere and my immediate world is covered in a vibrant green hue. Birds are chirping, flowers are blossoming, and my energy is slowly starting to match this season. I have begun to clear out clutter in my mind, heart, and home. I am not a hoarder, but a collector. My collections would not land me on a Hoarders episode, but let’s say I am very sentimental, especially with reading material. Clearing out some of the non-essentials is a healthy activity that I highly recommend. It helps move the stale energies out of your field. With so much cosmic intensity here on Earth, it is worthwhile to lighten one’s load by eliminating what no longer serves you.

I have assembled some images painted by Victor Borisov Musatov that exude Spring in all of her glory. It is a pleasure to share art with all of you. Sometimes a picture can express  in a way that words cannot. I truly love researching and selecting images to inspire and delight.   Enjoy!

Wishing you a rejuvenating Full Sagittarius Moon!


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images by wikiart.org, public domain

20 thoughts on “Spring Awakening Part II ~ Embrace Nature’s Splendor

  1. Lovely to revisit this post again. and a year on, I am more comfortable with my new phone than I was.. 😀 I also loved revisiting these paintings again Linda.. I am afraid the one I am painting is slow going at the moment.. So I have left it alone for a while..
    Instead I have been absorbed more in reading this week..
    Sending Love and well wishes ❤

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    1. Thank you Sue! I have not been motivated to do art lately, more content to admire the work of others. But I am excited about the imminent return of Spring, on the lookout for the first tree blooms and flowers. We spring the clocks ahead this weekend, ushering in more daylight. Yea!

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  2. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Happy Mercury Retro in Pisces, Pisces New Moon and Uranus entering Taurus (the sequel). This reblog is about spring and here we are on the cusp of spring almost 1 year later!
    Reblogs are de riguer during retro cycles so here is one to tide you over until I produce some new posts! This is a huge week so take some deep breaths and enjoy the ride!


  3. I was nodding my head along with you about the new phone Linda, I treated myself in January to a new phone and came out of the arc with my old one. And six months later I am still learning how to use it lol.
    But the photos are good and I loved the picture of the Aquilegia’s I have some All pink one in my garden and agree are lovely.

    And I loved your painting choices, each full of life and vitality
    Wishing you continued Joy upon your own Cosmic path my friend

    Love and Hugs
    Sue ❤

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    1. I still prefer my less fancy and less expensive phone. And all the strings attached to having advanced technology on my person,lol! But we chose to visit Earth at this time and it seems I need a smartphone to communicate with most humans. ( until telepathy goes mainstream).

      love to you,

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  4. Hi linda… yes butterflies and always love your choices in artwork, speaks to the soul. So a smartphone… congratulations on putting off this decision until now… and I thought I was one of the last ones…. everyone had them and I refused until I was convinced of the ease of connecting my work and home life together… so yes another addiction sometimes… although I try to keep it to a minimum! but it truly gave me more freedom to be out and about, take beautiful pictures AND connect so easily… I love my phone and I know you will too… like you teach when you lose… observe what you gain. Much love and happy spring… barbara x

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    1. So I wasn’t the only one, ha? I will keep the use at a minimum and be grateful for the camera and easy way to upload my pics to WP. It is always great to hear from you Barbara and I wish you also a spring of love. ❤

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  5. Yay! A new phone 🙂
    Also, good for you on having it off a lot!

    Oh, I am so glad about Uranus in Taurus and it will leave and come back, etc. I’m more focused on my immediate environment and my cancer planets love that. I feel energetic shifts often before the transits (but not always). My progressed moon is conjunct my natal Uranus in Scorpio so it’s been brilliant! I think of the 2nd house to also include constructs and values about ownship. I started to shift from not owning anything into stewardship. Loss began to equal gain and love always grows. How about that wondrous grand water trine? This is a full moon 🌕 treat! Enjoy!

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    1. Thanks Ka for such a rich comment. I feel torn about the phone and how it has turned into an addiction for so many. But it is convenient and takes great photos 🙂

      So you are enjoying PR moon to N Uranus, glad it is positive for you. Funny you mention loss = gain. I have done many groups on noticing what we gain when we lose something, someone, some aspect of ourSelves, etc.

      I am excited for grand water trine that complements my chart so well and this full moon on my MC/IC, and will be setting intentions on this soon. Yesterday I noticed a lovely shift in my energy and am building on it now.

      much love,
      Linda ❤

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