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Greeting litebeings and welcome to all the new followers! Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and check out my musings, stories, and whatever Spirit brings forth from this vessel. I have a moon in Pisces blessing to share with you tonight.

Most readers know that my outer life has been consumed by work, adjusting to an odd schedule and accommodating an endless array of shifting demands and circumstances. I can truly say I love working with my clients, so I guess it is worth the effort to shapeshift as best I can.

Yet I yearn for the mystery that resides in my inner life, where Source resides and the divine spark is lit. Tonight I can report that a spark was present last night ( Friday).  After a very busy and exhausting week, I was delighted to park my car and walk towards my door.  Before I could do so, I was greeted by two neighbors with their collective dogs. I was feeling quite disengaged and made quick small talk without missing a beat. When a neighbor made a comment that saddened me, I retorted ” I work as a therapist and when I come home, I want to leave the negativity behind. ” ( or something to that effect. ) I do not know these neighbors well, and since I do not have dogs, I am not part of that crowd. So as I was walking to my apartment, the female neighbor ( we’ll call her Andrea) shouted out ” So do you practice CBT? ” and I am thinking ” What? ” I just want to watch some TV and chill. But I answer her and was surprised she knew about CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Andrea responded she once was a therapist but could not deal with the transference. She has lived upstairs for at least two years and I know nothing about her or her husband. Andrea seemed compelled to share more and more about her life. While it was interesting, I wanted to be alone with my thoughts.

Then she asked ” Are you published? ” I found that an odd question. I asked her if she was published because often people will ask others about topics that interest them personally. Apparently Andrea is getting her Ph.D.  in Education and her dissertation is almost complete. I told her I blog but have not published anything professionally.  She matter of factly declares ” I had thought you were a writer. ” This was strange since we never had a conversation before and barely say hello in passing. I wondered why she had arrived at this conclusion and she said that she’s an empath and reads people well.   ” You have a writer’s energy.” I was surprised she was spot on and quipped that since writing has always been my passion that perhaps I should step up my game. I took a good look at Andrea and the two small dogs she was cradling like babies. The dogs looked so gentle and sweet. How could I have not seen them before as they are? How could Andrea see me as I am so easily?  I suggested we talk again and she replied that they are relocating in about one month.

It occurred to me that I quickly dismiss people if they don’t quickly meet some arbitrary set of criteria that I subconsciously create. I make assumptions and filter out most people as mundane or mainstream or simply not interesting.  I rely on my perception to show me who and what to focus on. I avoid most dog people because I am a cat person and don’t really get dogs. Maybe my filtration system needs an upgrade. I wonder how many other people and situations I have overlooked in my desire to become less overstimulated by the outer world.  It is not a self-judgment as I understand that I do not have time to completely slow down and take in all of my environment. Yet, there is a lesson here for me to learn.

I really like the idea of having a writer energy, whatever that means. This was clearly a mystical moment; she could not have conjured up her impression randomly. She does not look like an empath, but even as I write this, I realize an empath does not have a look.

Speaking of perception and looking at things Wayne Dyer style, I have some lovely pieces to share with you from last week’s visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Enjoy!

Don’t you just love moon in Pisces evenings?


all images courtesy of litebeing chronicles © 2019

16 comments on “You Have a Writer’s Energy

  1. Late to your post Linda.. but I do have a good excuse lol… Hubby is always telling me I do not take notice of people when I am out an about.. I can walk straight past them and not see them.. I guess I am guilty of being in my own little world when I do not wish my energy to engage with other people.. Especially when in towns, I can walk past a neighbour and not notice them.

    I can fully understand your desire to just get indoors and not engage in conversation..
    I found what you wrote very interesting, because nothing is ever by chance.. 🙂 and after two years of being in your apartment and her moving so soon.. Seems to me Spirit are prompting you, and just wish you to know that you are a most excellent writer.. The above post a prime example..

    And you will laugh, Hubby just turned on the TV where a film was in progress, and a woman was asking this person what he did for a living.. He said ” I’m a Writer!!”..

    So you just got a double confirmation hehe…

    Loved the artwork… And the excuse… We have been doing more decorating, papering and painting ..
    Here is a Holiday weekend.. the sun is shinning.. So will be relaxing and enjoying..

    GO write!!! MUCH love Linda.. special hugs my friend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Sue!
      Just got back from my vacation.
      I love this quote: And you will laugh, Hubby just turned on the TV where a film was in progress, and a woman was asking this person what he did for a living.. He said ” I’m a Writer!!”..
      This type of instant synch powerfully brings the message home that we are all in ” the flow. ” I have not done much writing since this post, but my trip to Baltimore has sparked so much in me and I am eager to begin sorting out what should be put into words.

      I appreciate that you can relate to going inward and protecting one’s energy and space. As empaths this is important. Yet I would like to be less quick to write people off with a quick gut check. Sometimes my GPS is not working well, lol!

      love, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Big smiles.. Yes I thought that just showed how in sync we were in that moment.. And again just another validation for you.. Sounds like you had fun and are filled with enthusiasm for putting words, into the Ether! and I am sure it will be just fabulous what ever you are guided to achieve ..
        Yes, sometimes our inner protection mode kicks in to avoid complications in contact, via certain energies..
        I also think that on that particular day, you were meant to stop and listen to your neighbour, for you to digest it as you did.. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. litebeing says:

        What I am aware of more now than before ( lately anyway) that I need to keep stepping into my power and not keep smaller out of fear of intimidating others. Be our best and still be humble , and yet not taking others’ insecurities as a reason not to shine out light brightly. Like the famous Marianne Williamson quote: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.


      3. I agree Linda.. We often hide our light, under the bushel. WE are powerful beyond measure.. The problem is Linda for thousands of years we have been told otherwise, manipulated, brainwashed, as mere mortal.. When in fact we are Eternal.. With so much potential,
        I love what the late Wayne Dyer has to say on manifesting, and our potential..
        A link to his site
        Much love your way Linda.. ❤ Hope your week is going well ❤ and so pleased you enjoyed your vacation… ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Simply fantastic Linda! As Julianne said above, ‘haven’t stopped by’ for awhile either.
    What have I been missing? You have been hard at work and it’s looking good too!
    We’ll just have to come by more often, don’t you think?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Eddie,
      I just retrieved your comment from the spam folder. Glad I took a look over there, strange!
      What have you been missing? Busy working while trying to keep my connection with Source strong. Also looking forward to a long-overdue vacation.

      Thanks for your kindness. I hope to see you over here more, of course! I have not been visiting as many of the blogs I follow ( including yours) as much as I would like, so I understand. I hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying this late summer season.

      peace, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I was thinking about writers and writing and the thought I hadn’t been by here in a while. And then I come by and this is the post! Love it! Sounds like you are busy working, which is great. Hope you are well! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Julie! Very happy to see you here for a visit. I strongly sense my encounter was predestined and important somehow and not surprised a synchronicity drew you in. I am busy working and feel blessed. I hope you are well and know you are very busy too!

      love, Linda ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Dayna says:

    1,111 followers, too. 😉 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Yes, 1111 followers who are bloggers, effective today. Thanks for pointing that out as it is a new stat. My overall combined followers number is different, but anytime 1111 pops up its a blessing! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Your thoughts really hit home, Linda because I’m exactly the same, probably even worse in the sense that I normally keep a lot of distance when it comes to strangers. In that way I’m blending in perfectly with the Swiss who are extremely reserved. I sometimes feel I walk around in a private little cave;)) Hope it is not a cage! Anyway, your encounter sounds meaningful. It is true that your writing style is very engaging.

    Lovely images, especially the first one which looks like flamenco:)



    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      I guess we both fit in with the Swiss then, lol! I think its about letting my boundaries be a bit more fluid, but not going overboard and to consider some of my natural bias about people, some tendencies to filter people out without discernment. I would imagine you also possess “writer energy ” since you have said you could eat words! ( love that quote)
      Yes, that image does suggest flamenco!

      love and hugs, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

  6. ptero9 says:

    Wow! How fascinating is that encounter? I suppose at some level, its mystery doesn’t matter so much as yours and her reflections and engagement. Maybe the universe is reminding us that we are loved, even, or especially through odd encounters! I’m glad that you shared this, Linda. It’s a good reminder to me as well, to take the time to be present with others, when we can, even if we’re not so inclined. You never know when the angel might strike. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Yes Deb, I am glad I blogged on this while the memory is fresh. I see myself as having excellent intuitive abilities, but this encounter has alerted me that I miss so much, even now as I thought I have evolved! Life is humbling, that’s a certainty.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ptero9 says:

        You’re not alone there! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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