Fare Well 2019

Another year and decade, come and gone, and I feel the need to say something. I took a peek at some of my posts from 2019 to help me chart my “life review ” and it occurred to me that readers might enjoy a sampling to savor as a holyday treat.

Here are some links to a few posts from 2019:









As I reflect on this decade, I consider what I am grateful for, what really moved me and placed love in my heart? I went through so many jobs, lost beloved Dexter, and became seriously ill during this timespan, so much loss and upheaval.

And yet….

On 1/11/13 I started litebeing chronicles and magic was afoot. No, it was not a mystical experience, but it was a holy communion of sorts. Taking the risk of expressing myself for the sheer joy of doing so, lead me on a path filled with excitement, wonder, fulfillment and community. It also gave me a platform to share my astrology with clients all over this beautiful planet, some by Skype, phone, or in person. All were blessed encounters where I was able to serve and shine some light.

I have so much more up my sleeve ( and in my drafts folder) to share when inspiration takes root. In the meantime, I want to share my gratitude for my loved ones, family of blood and of choice, and my guides who help me steer this physical body through both smooth and choppy seas.

What moments resonate for you as the treasured highlights of 2019, the 2010s, or this lifetime? Please share your highlights here in the comments section!

Blessings to all my readers, followers and fellow writers who mean everything to me.

Have a Fearless Joyful 2020! love, litebeing Linda

14 thoughts on “Fare Well 2019

  1. I think all of us when we look back through the decade can see just how far we have all grown through our various experiences..
    For me I have no one thing that stands out, except in the now of the present moment I have come to that point of more feelings of peace and acceptance within my own being..
    Looking back shows us how far we have travelled along our spiritual journey to discover ourselves, and shows us how much stronger and enlightened we have all become..
    And I give thanks for your friendship and that of my other Blogging friends, whose encouragement and whose friendship and courage in sharing their own journey’s struggles, and joys have kept me going when perhaps I would have stopped blogging some years ago and even more recently..
    So Thank YOU Linda, for your Challenges you set us and the awards given.. Its been my pleasure to part of your journey and call you a friend..

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year my friend for 2020 and beyond,
    And for some reason as I look into the bottom corner of your blog it says follow.. Maybe because I am using a different browser today, So I will click follow, just to make certain WP hasn’t unplugged me, because I certainly didn’t..

    Much love Linda.. Have a Wonderful Happy, Healthy New Year! and way, way, beyond.. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Happy New Year Sue! Thanks for reflecting on your decade here to add to the conversation. I often notice subtle changes after what appears to be a long period of time has past. Even as an Astrologer, certain transits become clear in outcome long after the event came and went.

      I am glad you are still “following ” me. WP has many glitches and I have had WP unfollow blogs I like without my input.

      I did not do a challenge this year as I did not feel the pull, but they are always fun and I am glad you have been a part of them. Perhaps I will create one later this year.

      love to you my dear and loyal friend ❤

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