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Happy Samhain season litebeings! It is not really on Halloween, more mid-Scorpio, so you have missed nothing yet. I plan to post today as more of a journal-style entry, experimenting with a new technique. Re-working one’s writing style is très Mercury Retrograde you know?

So here goes nothing:


I have come to the conclusion, as of today, that all points of view are true, that no one is ever wrong, regardless of intelligence, morality, logic, or dishonest leanings. It is pointless to argue with anyone if the goal is to change someone’s opinion. Motivational Interviewing is a therapy technique used to connect with people who have sought ( or were mandated to seek) therapy. The idea is to allow the client to be where they are, be supportive, assess where they are in terms of readiness for change, and point out any discrepancies between their goal and their choices. This strategy acknowledges it is futile to try to force someone’s hand.

This idea triggered my mind to retrieve a quote I like ” If someone wants to leave your life, let them. ” It goes something like that. Basically, it implies that we are better off without those people at this time. They no longer belong in your life.  Reminds me of the three levels of teaching in Manual for Teachers in A Course in Miracles. Time spent together is unimportant, since time is a construct. What is important is what one gains from the teaching/learning potential during the course of the encounter.

What’s my point? We all exist in a separate plane of being, our own dimension/frequency that is rarely static. We are all one, but not in physical form. So each individual expression of energy has its own universe ( one – song). I do believe that there can be an overlap between 2 people or more, but not for extended intervals. These overlaps are fleeting more often than not. So if someone doesn’t “get me” and my efforts to connect are rejected and/or thwarted, it is best to just surrender. I cannot seem to attract many kind, decent authority figures into my orbit, at least not for a good stretch of time. I keep attracting cold, passive-aggressive, manipulative types who control something I need, like a paycheck or my LSCW. I feel beyond exhausted. I know my childhood was fraught with toxicity, but I also thought I had done more than my share of inner work and clearing the crap out of ” my field. ”

It feels like most people have no idea who I am or what I want or hope to accomplish. Today I had an image of my life being over while still breathing – meaning that it is possible to have exhausted one’s life force. I equate this with a product that has expired. You can still use it, but its quality has diminished because it is no longer in its prime or at its peak expression of vitality. Could my life force be compared to moldy cheese?

Perhaps this is why I was initially excited when a coworker greeted me yesterday with these words ” We were looking for your blog today. ”


I told a friendly coworker that I am an astrologer after we discovered our birthdays are 4 days apart ( different year). She shares an office with a colleague who I find challenging. Anyway, I asked them both how their week went and if it was as bizarre as mine has been.  Then  I mentioned the frustrations of Mercury Retrograde. They had no idea what I meant.  Said challenging person’s face lit up though when I mentioned astrology and was excited when I said I am an astrologer. She asked if I have a business and I said that I advertise on my blog.  She wondered if I could do some astro type activities for her program if her boss agrees.

I wasn’t sure about this. After all, people in 2019 still are judgy about all the woo. So even while hearing the word blog uttered in the office was lovely, I told her that my blog is anonymous and I am not sure I feel ready to share myself that deeply at work. No one really pushed the issue, but for a moment I thought that maybe I am still alive, not sure though. Figured I better blog again and see what happens next.

PS: Move your clocks back one hour tonight if you live in the US.


10 comments on “We were looking for your Blog

  1. Loved reading your post today and connected with your words on too many levels. Thank you for sharing them. I am always happy to be led along this journey and find delightful answers to some hard questions. You helped me today more than you will know. Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Laurie,
      I am so grateful that my post was helpful. Your comment was exactly what I needed to hear at that time, as I have lately felt powerless, hopeless, and without purpose. I notice that the deeper I allow my writing to go, the more it resounds with those who read it.

      Blessings, Linda


  2. Your written “voice” sounds clearer. Well, It’s an experiment here so I won’t get attached, do as you wish! Sounds like you are making sense of what you believe or have settled with for right now in regards to opinions and validity.

    I can understand you wanting to keep your blog anonymous. I can completely understand that. It sounds like there’s some new beginnings, though… The energy is coming up new in your environment. It’s interesting that the colleague that you find challenging is very interested in what you might have to offer with your astrology, and it’s sounding like new doors are opening up there, too.

    Your metaphor about being moldy cheese… it was tragically funny. It’s a good thing that you are finally feeling your real life pulse again. Maybe this is a new kind of life? When I went through one of my transformations, I had an experience of being “already died and now living in a new place” and it’s *really* difficult to describe, because I didn’t feel dead. It made me mildly wonder if I were a walk-in, but I’m not too serious about that, just was curious. I think it’s sort of like Russian dolls, lives within lives. I was in a new life. This is my new life. I think another one is right around the corner!

    Wishing you the best for the rest of your autumn…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks for such an interesting and comples reply Kaa. The moldy cheese retort was halfway humor, halfway existnential angst. There is a depression overlay here as I wonder why I still am incarnated now, especially after one of the most unpleasant birthdays I can remember. Yet, I do like to value any new “shoots” of life coming to the surface.

      When I went through one of my transformations, I had an experience of being “already died and now living in a new place” and it’s *really* difficult to describe, because I didn’t feel dead. It made me mildly wonder if I were a walk-in, but I’m not too serious about that, just was curious. I think it’s sort of like Russian dolls, lives within lives. I was in a new life. This is my new life. I think another one is right around the corner! ~ I love this!!! Russian dolls, new life within life, etc all valid possiblities.

      Your interest in my post is so appreciated. So much of this journey makes writing challenging because there may not be words yet that are capable of communicating one’s inner dialogue.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Cindy says:

    Nice to hear from you again, ((((Linda)))). I hear what you are saying about the date of Samhain. According to a local astrologer-friend of mine, the actual date is November 7. We have a dumb-supper planned in honor of our lost loved ones. I’m hoping my sister or cousin show up.

    I loved the parts you wrote about time as well, and how we are not physically one but our lives overlap for seasons. So true, perhaps best felt by one who has moved 30 times in 32 years. And another one coming up at the end of this month. *sigh* Ah, well, such is [my] life!

    Hope we can connect again soon. Much love and light as you continue on your healing journey,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      thank you Cindy!


  4. So lovely to hear your words singing here on your blog, very much alive and connecting with us❤️ Your voice sounds different, wonderfully big and do hope to keep hearing from you as we all focus on thriving in this crazy world. Much love to you x Barbara x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      thanks Barbara!


  5. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

    Liked by 1 person

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