The Problem is the Solution: Honoring the Journey of the New Year

Another insightful reflection on 2020 and beyond from Dana. Working with what is and using it as a foundation is practical and wise medicine.

The Druid's Garden

Sunrise through the mist…the way may be uncertain but the sun will rise again

In Permaculture Design, one of the most challenging principles to enact is “The problem is the solution.” It seems simple on paper: you have a serious problem before you, perhaps seemingly insurmountable or overwhelming.  Instead of reacting negatively to the problem, you look for how the problem presents unique opportunities.  You resee your practices, hone them, make changes, and adapt to the problem so that that adaptation becomes a strength. In other words, you make lemonade from lemons–but more than that, you may actually improve your approach by having to consider new options to overcome obstacles.  A simple example: I have a wet, muddy spot in my yard due to the downspout on my house.  Rather than see this as a problem, I turn it into a lush rain garden, which is not only beautiful but…

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3 thoughts on “The Problem is the Solution: Honoring the Journey of the New Year

    1. You are welcome Sue. Dana’s blog is really unique and aligns well with my Animist Psychology course. I think you live like an Animist, honoring and respecting all life, human and non human, of the earth and not of the earth. ❤

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      1. Thank you for that Huge compliment.. 🙏 I try to honour all things… and often then fail in honouring myself…. 😉 But these last few months I have been putting ME first a little more.. 🙂
        Love and Blessings dear Linda.. Hope your New Year brings brighter Blessings for our Horizons…. Much love your way ❤

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