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Happy Equinox everyone! Happy Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Spring in the Southern Hemisphere! I am loving the cool weather and am anticipating some foliage splendour in a the coming days and weeks. I wanted to post but was not sure I had anything to write about. Fortunately I now have quite a bit to share. I am finding that slowing down and being more open to check ins with Self have heightened my ability to tune into the Quantum. It is possible that this has also increased my ability to have more ” colorful ” dreams. I had one last evening that I cannot stop thinking about. While my day was quite busy, I kept returning back to one aspect of my dream. Most of it is lost to me because I chose not to write it down, but what seems most important has remained. I had what seemed to be an extensive conversation with someone I considered to be a friend of the cosmic variety. We met each other within days of my starting my job with the City. She was a constant in my eighteen year career in city government.  When I moved to my current neighborhood, she asked me to drive her home a couple times. It turns out she lived just a few blocks away. I think of her every time I drive by her old house. I cannot do more than send thoughts to communicate because she’s been dead for a few years now. Rita was about 20 years older so she was more of a mentor or motherly figure. She was a chief shop steward and got me out of so many messes. We talked about many topics over the years. She was one of the smartest and most strategic people I ever encountered. She was also bold, brash, and very confident. In addition she was very maternal and caring. Her passing left quite a void.

In the dream it turns out she wasn’t dead. I told her about driving by her old house over the years, missing her. I was wondering why I thought she was dead. I was so happy to just talk to her again. I do not remember any specific messages she gave me. I think her spirit wanted to pay me a visit. Rita was very into astrology earlier in life. Once I knew her birth chart, I marveled at the synastry. The most striking synchs were with the nodes. Her nodes lined up with my Asc/ Desc axis and my nodes lines up with her MC/IC axis. They were conjunct within an orb of 1 degree, almost exact! She is one of a few people who I knew very quickly would be important to me. This is where astrology verifies what I already know intuitively. What often occurs is that there are many commonalities beyond how or why we met. Rita was Jewish, was born in NY, and lived in my “future neighborhood”. While we did not hang out often outside of work, we spent a lot of time together and spoke about important meaningful topics. She was so very wise and kind.  I wish we had more time together outside of the astral.

The past two evenings my willingness to slow down and choose a la Lorie Ladd’s teachings has led me to very cool experiences. Last night on a ” whim “I googled to see if Our American Family, a documentary that was highly recommended was available for streaming. It had not been for weeks. Well last night it was streaming so voila I immersed myself in a heartfelt film about intergenerational addiction. The family lived in suburban Philadelphia, which made it even more appealing. If you are interested in addiction within families. I would definitely check it out.

Tonight presented another surprise including a different cosmic friend. I want to preface this section of the post to say a couple things. First, blogging quickly sent me so many amazing people from all over the planet in record time to my “door”. It is overwhelming to contemplate the miraculous nature of my connecting with so many loving, like minded people. Mind blown to the present moment at the simple beauty of how it was all orchestrated. All was required was my readiness to take a risk and start a blog. I was so scared but did it anyway. You all were waiting for me and it is soooo worth it! Secondly, I am going to share about someone I met on WP and will do so without revealing too much detail. I do so out of respect for her privacy and for our relationship. I will use enough words to make my point but will communicate in a way I pray resonates for her. If she tells me to omit any or all of what I share, I will do what she requests.

Basically there are times when a strong connection ends or changes form. I wrote about this recently when a good friend moved far away. ( BTW I since told him about the post and he is cool with it). Connections change for many reasons and sometimes I find it hard to completely let go. I met Sarah here on WP around 2014. After watching one or two of her videos I felt an incredible connection that I cannot clearly articulate. It was just a knowingness of familiarity. Shortly thereafter we met via WP and communicated. Just like Rita, we had many many things and people in common, which I will keep private. We became friends and hung out many times over a couple of years. I adore her refreshing honesty and pure energy and exuberance. She is so full of love and fire! I imagine many feel the same way about her because she is so loving and playful. At some point in time she stopped communicating with me. I eventually stopped trying and never found it why. She also stopped blogging and became less public online. I initially worried something had happened to her but hoped I was wrong. She reappeared briefly on WP more recently but then stopped blogging. This is common in the blogosphere. However a few weeks ago on a  ” whim” I was led to her YouTube channel and there she was posting again. I was so happy to see her again and see she was alright. Then tonight I wondered what to do for the Equinox. I joined a group mediation this morning but wanted to do more. I ended up on YouTube as it relaxes me. I choose channels that are positive which is why I find it relaxing. Again I got a nudge to see if she had posted again. There she was with a new channel! I watched this long video that was all about connecting with Source and being open to dialogue. Sarah has a gift for sharing information in a way that is light hearted yet powerful. She is raw, so authentic, and positive about finding healing and purpose. I felt more alive after watching it. This was such a  great way to usher in the Libra season. Sometimes the way a message is framed makes it palatable and digestible. Sarah in my opinion is a great spiritual teacher even if she may not see herself that way. Lorie Ladd, Lee Harris and Matt Kahn were not always famous but they had that same spark and also the willingness to speak their truth. i am sharing her latest video here so anyone interested can take a look.



Some of you know Sarah already but many of you may not. This video is a great representation of her energy. On some level I may be using this post as a way to reconnect with an old friend. However, it is also a chance to describe how my psychic abilities operate and the advantages of being less rigid in daily  life. This is a lesson I am still learning. I wish everyone a joyful transition to the next season. May it be filled with love, harmony, authenticity and embodied ascension ( if you are so inclined.)



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