An Extra Serving of Gratitude

Ready for some more gratitude?

Saw 2 deer this morning from outside my window

I am really diggin’ Matt Kahn. It has been quite some time since my mind has been blown in a good way. His take on Atlantis and Lemuria answers questions he has no way of knowing I have been asking.  I gave up expecting an answer, so this information transmission was truly out of left field.

I have been virtually pain-free today in my lower right abdomen, such a blessing.

I do not have to obsess over every punctuation mark, this is blogging not Shakespeare!

Speaking of blogging, this is my 333rd post!

Speaking of blogging part 2, Sindy had started a new blogging challenge and I am so excited, yea!

I made an extremely difficult phone call today and I am still alive to blog about it. As far as I can surmise, this interaction did not go well, but I am proud of my ability to do what is necessary to take care of me and Dexter.

Another new moon ushers in another beginning..

And finally ~




I have many more photos to share with you!


header image credit:, public domain

28 thoughts on “An Extra Serving of Gratitude

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    1. Yesterday I was feeling better. Today I am not doing so well. But still glad that I keep on keeping on , playing in this Earth game. Thanks for all your love. We are so lucky to be part of this sacred community. ❤

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    1. Thank you Sindy for the reblog, yet this was not a challenge post. It was meant to attract more bloggers to your challenge and share my excitement about it! However, I am glad you like the post. This seems like a typical Mercury retro glitch, but it is all good.
      Right now I have bigger fish to fry, like healing my physical body.

      love ya sister,


    1. Hey Ka,
      You know its funny I checked my browser history to find a Matt Kahn video and it showed I read one of his articles back in March on Higher Density blog. Something about the video seems more powerful to me in this case. Off I go to October to read your comment. xoxoxo, Linda

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      1. I think the first place I heard of Matt Kahn was through the Worldpuja network, which doesn’t seem to be active right now. It’s amazing how many ‘inroads’ there can be when we are open. Usually something doesn’t seem significant until it’s come from several places, and the message seems to funnel in as though it were the first time 🙂 I am not aware of any free calls at this time. I did my best to share with you when it came up. Who knows what the future will bring? xoxo Ka

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  4. Happy 333, Linda … that’s fun to notice that this is your 333rd post. And a congrats on the courage to make the difficult phone call. It’s a big deal. Yay, you! I’m glad you’re feeling more well today, too. Blessings aplenty. 🙂 That’s a beautiful still life on your blog header … it was a lovely Taurean welcome to your blog this morning. Be well. xoxo Jamie

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    1. Hi Jamie, glad you enjoyed the post. I do like still life’s, especially Cezanne. The header was chosen to evoke a buffet or banquet in which to enjoy an “extra serving or two.” From reading your blog recently, I discovered you have a late Taurus ascendant, so this is a big lunation for you 🙂 I hope it serves you well. Life is still quite scary for me, but I am working on changing my perpsective. love, Linda


  5. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    So glad you are feeling better. I find gratitude to be so healing. It is sort of magic, really. Love the beautiful flowers! Thank you.

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    1. Hi Mary,
      I really am grateful for people like you who really care and express that love to others. I have not felt the magic yet, but good to know gratitude effects you in this way. Thank you for being you 🙂


  6. Linda I am so pleased you are in less pain, and congrats on the 333 post.. 🙂 always interesting to see how the numbers game crop up and give us another hidden message 🙂 And good news on making your phone… Sometimes it better to face what we have been putting off and tackle things head on… Its often not half as bad as what we can build up within our minds..
    Love the Rhododendron picture are they in your garden? Love all the pretty pink blossoms… Pink another colour with meaning for you right now 🙂

    Love and Gratitude Linda for sharing.. 🙂
    Hugs my friend

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    1. Hi Sue,
      The rhodos are not in my yard, but around the bend. Will have to investigate the color pink! Not doing too well today. Went back to the doctor for more tests and referral to specialist. Really prefer to stay at home and avoid any more hospital stays. Still grateful to be alive and able to type these words to you!

      love and light, Linda

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    1. Thank you Barbara for your sweet yet strong spirit. Today has been a rather difficult one healthwise, yet I am soaking up all the love I can.

      peace and blessings, Linda


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